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LottoGo ( is operated by Annexio (Jersey) Limited of De Carteret House, 7 Castle Street, St Helier, JE2 3BT.

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LottoGo Sister Sites

Annexio (Jersey) Limited doesn’t operate any other lottery sites, casinos or iGaming sites. That means there aren’t any LottoGo sister sites, which must be a disappointment if that’s specifically what you’ve come here looking for. In the absence of any real LottoGo sister sites, though, we’ve come up with a few alternative LottoGo sister sites you might want to consider if you’re looking for a similar iGaming experience to the one you’ve already had at LottoGo. Without further ado, you’ll find our list of alternative LottoGo sister sites below.



Lottoland is a very close match to LottoGo in terms of everything it is, everything it does, and everything it offers. That makes it numero uno in our list of replacement LottoGo sister sites. Lottoland serves as a gateway service, opening the doors to a variety of different lottery funds across the UK, Europe and further afield. That includes the massive US Powerball draw, which has paid out billion-dollar prizes in the past. Like a lot of lottery sites, Lottoland has evolved over the years. It now offers a variety of casino entertainment to go with its core range of lottery products, including plenty of slots, digital scratchcards, and even bingo rooms. In 2023, Lottoland finally went the whole hog and added a sportsbook, which means it’s now one of the most complete iGaming sites on the UK marketplace. It’s still best known as a lottery site, though, and lotteries will forever remain at the core of everything Lottoland does.

LottoGo sister sites Lottoland


Lottomart logo

Although the name Lottomart prominently features the term “Lotto,” the site operates more like a comprehensive modern casino website rather than a focused lottery platform. It may not be as closely aligned with the lottery concept as Lottogo, but it does offer complimentary lottery bets on various international draws such as Eurojackpot, the UK’s National Lottery, Irish Lotto, and US Powerball. These free lottery bets are generally part of promotional offers, encouraging players to indulge in the site’s slots and other casino games. Lottomart prioritises bonuses and promotions, dedicating its entire homepage to various incentives designed to entice new players. With a robust collection of over 500 games, the platform offers diversity, and while it does offer lottery options, they seem more like an additional perk rather than a core feature. Saying it’s not really a lottery site feels strange when we’re putting together a stand-in list of Lottogo sister sites, but we’ll stand by the statement.

LottoGo sister sites Lottomart

Health Lottery

Health Lottery logo

The Health Lottery may seem like an odd choice for a the name of what’s supposed to be a fun game – especially considering its historical negative connotations. The term was originally coined by the media a couple of decades ago to highlight the disparity in healthcare quality depending on one’s postcode, impacting health and potentially even life expectancy. However, this game, unrelated to the aforementioned issue, has become a staple in the UK’s gambling landscape, making it an apt addition to our list of alternative LottoGo sister sites. The Health Lottery touts itself as offering the best lottery odds in the UK, aiming to set itself apart from the National Lottery. While the claim is technically accurate, the odds of winning are still roughly comparable to the likelihood of being struck by a vehicle on the way home. But as the saying goes, someone has to win at some point, and it could be you if you play on this site.

LottoGo sister sites Health Lottery

Postcode Lottery

Postcode Lottery logo

The Postcode Lottery, also known as the People’s Postcode Lottery, works according to very similar principles as the Health Lottery. The outcome of the lottery is determined by postcode rather than the drawing of balls, and if your postcode is this week’s lucky one, you could win a share of an enormous prize pool. When we checked the homepage of the Postcode Lottery for the purposes of writing this snippet, it promised a jackpot of £11.2m to be distributed across the four weeks of the current month. Again, that means you won’t win as much as you would if our numbers came up on the National Lottery, but it’s still life-changing money. Winning the Postcode Lottery isn’t as simple as just living in the correct postal zone – you have to actually purchase a ticket if you want your win to be recognised and rewarded. It’s perhaps the oddest of our LottoGo sister sites, but it’s popular with players.

LottoGo sister sites Postcode Lottery

National Lottery

National Lottery logo

Any list of alternative LottoGo sister sites would be incomplete without mentioning the UK’s very own National Lottery. Established in 1994, it has since become woven into the national identity. One might go as far as to call it a British cultural cornerstone. The National Lottery has had a significant philanthropic impact, supporting over six hundred thousand registered charities, worthy causes and community projects across Britain and beyond, thanks to the funds raised. There are people alive in the world today who owe their lives to money generated by the National Lottery. While there have been some changes to its format over the years—changes that haven’t been universally well-received—the Saturday night draw remains a key television event. Next to football betting, it’s arguably the most popular form of gambling in the UK. It’s also the form you’re least likely to win at, but since when has that ever stopped people from dreaming about the possibility?

LottoGo sister sites National Lottery

Lottogo News

: After last week’s brief break from the norm to look at external news about Lottogo, we’re going to return to your regularly scheduled programming. By that, we mean we’re going to resume our updates about the size of the latest big jackpots in the lotteries that Lottogo covers. You all know what those lotteries are by now; we’re talking about the Mega Millions lottery, the US Power Ball lottery and the Superenalotto. All three lotteries have rolled over again from last week, so there’s gigantic money to be won just in time for Christmas if you prove to be one of the luckiest people on the face of the planet.

LottoGo Big Bass Christmas Bash

The biggest of the lottery funds this week is the Power Ball lottery, which has rolled over repeatedly in recent weeks and now stands at £372m. As immense as that sum is, it’s only slightly ahead of the Mega Millions jackpot fund, which has also rolled over multiple times in a row and now stands at £313m. The Superenalotto fund is, as always, considerably lower than that, but will still change your life completely if you manage to snag its jackpot of £24m. Elsewhere on the Lottogo website, the site has been rolling out the best of the Christmas slots that it has access to, including two big hitters from Pragmatic Play in the shape of Christmas Big Bass Bonanza and Santa’s Great Gifts. Big Bass Christmas Bash is also available, proving that Pragmatic Play is determined to milk the Big Bass brand for everything it’s worth.

: Lottogo has launched an enticing offer in the Polish Express, targeting UK-based players with a special deal for the EuroMillions draw. The article, written in Polish, presents an unusual marketing strategy, aiming to attract players to participate in the next EuroMillions draw, which boasts a jackpot of over £170 million. Lottogo’s offer allows players to participate in 40 EuroMillions tickets for just £2, significantly increasing their chances of winning. This unique approach of advertising a UK-focused offer in a Polish-language publication is intriguing, suggesting Lottogo’s intent to reach a broader audience within the UK’s diverse community. The EuroMillions game, with draws every Tuesday and Friday, has already produced over 100 main prize winners in the UK. Lottogo’s offer is designed to maximise players’ chances by pooling together with other EuroMillions enthusiasts online, allowing for shared participation from the comfort of home.

The article also highlights the convenience and potential benefits of this group play strategy. If the numbers chosen are drawn, the prize will be evenly split among the participants, meaning multiple players could win significant amounts simultaneously. A spokesperson for Lottogo expressed excitement about the response to the new offer, emphasising it as a way to unite EuroMillions fans in their quest for big prizes. The offer is available exclusively to new players, with each ticket representing a 1/50 share. is licensed and regulated in the UK, ensuring a safe and responsible gaming environment. This promotion, while being advertised in a Polish-language publication, is an innovative attempt by Lottogo to engage a different audience in the UK, reflecting the company’s creative approach to reaching potential players in the competitive lottery and gaming market.

: £246m, £272m and £19m. Those are the figures you came here to find, and if that’s all you came for, you’re now free to move on and enter the lotteries if you so desire. We appreciate that some of you would like a little more meat on the bone than that, though, so here it is. For at least the third week out of the last four, every single major lottery covered by Lottogo experienced a rollover this past week, further underlining how remote the possibility of anyone actually winning the full jackpot amount actually is. If you’re one of the many people who still dare to dream, though, we’ll break the funds down for you one at a time.

Salem Witch Homepage

At the top of the tree this week is the US Powerball lottery, which stands at £272m after its most recent rollover. That restores its position of dominance over the Mega Millions lottery, which is currently standing at £246m. For those who are happy to chase smaller but still utterly life-changing sums of money, the rollover value of Italy’s Superenalotto is £19m. That’s an increase of two million pounds compared to last week. There isn’t anything else noteworthy to tell you about at Lottogo this week save for the addition of the “Salem Witch” slots game, which is exclusive to the Lottogo platform for a brief period. Exclusive slots are a rarity for Lottogo, given that it isn’t “really” a casino site, so perhaps this signals the beginning of a change of direction for the brand.

: We know what you’re here for, so we won’t waste any of your time. You want to know if any of the “big three” lotteries covered at Lottogo rolled over again last week, and if they did, what the jackpots now stand at. We have good news on two out of the three main lotteries if you’re interested in chasing big prizes, which we assume most of you are. Mega Millions and Power Ball both rolled over again, with only Superenalotto paying out its jackpot. Oddly, Lottogo is showing Superenalotto as a rollover, even though it clearly isn’t. The jackpot fund stood at more than £70m last week. This week, it’s “only” £16m.

Sixteen million pounds is clearly more than enough money to change your life forever, but we know that some of you have your sights set far higher than that. If you’d rather take the million-to-one shot of winning the Mega Millions jackpot (it’s not literally a million to one, but it’s not far off), the jackpot fund this week is a massive £214m. The US Power Ball lottery is offering an even higher jackpot of £226m. No, that isn’t a typo – both jackpots really have gone north of two hundred million pounds. The Mega Millions draw will happen tonight, while the Power Ball lottery will be drawn on Saturday night. That’s not much time left to get involved if you intend on doing so, so we’ll understand if you scarper from this page to secure a ticket!

: Standby for some more lottery jackpot updates! There are two things that can consistently be said about the top three lotteries available through Lottogo. The first is that they’re incredibly massive in terms of jackpot wins. The second is that they’re extraordinarily hard to win. That’s been proven yet again this past week, as all three of them have rolled over. As such, the jackpots available at Lottogo this week are bigger again than the jackpots available last week. That begins with the Mega Millions jackpot, which is currently standing at £182m and, as such, remains bigger than the US Power Ball jackpot for the second week running.

Lottogo Keno Millions Jackpot

The above isn’t to say that the US Power Ball jackpot is anything to be sniffed at. The jackpot on that one currently stands at £180m, while the Superenalotto has crept up again to £72m. If you fancy winning any of these jackpots – and who wouldn’t – you can enter all three at the same time by visiting Lottogo today. Elsewhere on the website, Lottogo promises that its Keno Millions Super Jackpot game is currently offering all players the chance to win up to £5m every three minutes. That goes to show that you don’t have to wait until the balls are pulled from the lottery machines to become a big winner at Lottogo – the site offers shots at seven-figure sums several times per hour, every day of the week.

: There’s usually only one question worth asking when it comes to news about Lottogo, and the question is this:- Have the big lotteries that Lottogo offers access to rolled over again, or have they paid out? You can usually bank on at least one rollover between the “big three,” but this week is a rarity – all three of them have rolled over, which means there are three bigger-than-average jackpots for players to chase this time around. There’s another unusual occurrence, too. You might recall from last week that we said it’s strange for the Mega Millions jackpot to be higher than the US Power Ball jackpot. We stand by our description of the event as “strange,” but it’s happened again.

Taking into account the rollover, the value of the jackpot at Mega Millions is £149m this week. That’s a smidge higher than the US Power Ball jackpot, which stands at £142m. Both lotteries are offering jackpot sums that double that of the Superenalotto, which is £69m this week. Oddly, the Superenalotto jackpot never really seems to increase by all that much, even on weeks where a rollover has taken place. As ever, all of the other Lottogo games remain available if none of the big lotteries tempt you, including the “Super Quick Lotto” game that promises to pay out £100,000 every four minutes to the luckiest players who enter it.

: We’ve developed a bit of a formula for our Lottogo updates, and it’s a formula we’re not going to deviate far from this week. If you want the latest on the massive lottery funds that the site has access to, here’s where they stand for this week’s draws. In what has to go down as a turn-up for the books, Mega Millions has a bigger jackpot than the US Power Ball this week, with £113m in the pot compared to Power Ball’s £103m. The Superenalotto appears to be stuck in a rut, with its jackpot stuck at £66m despite another rollover. The Mega Millions jackpot is also a rollover, which might go some way to explaining how and why it’s working with a bigger pot than Power Ball this week.

LottoGo Year Round Riches Cluster Buster

Elsewhere on the Lottogo website, there have been some new arrivals in the casino, including Infective Wild by Pragmatic Play and Year-Round Riches Cluster Buster by Red Tiger, which has to be the least catchy name we’ve seen on an online slots game for a very long time. Weirdly, the new slots have been forced to take second billing behind Lottogo’s selection of Halloween slots, which it’s calling its “Halloween Candy Drops.” Wolf Gold has been included in the selection, which makes a degree of sense, but we’re struggling to see a connection between Sugar Rush and Jokers Jewels and Halloween. They’re taking up space which might have been better used for letting players know about the exciting (if oddly-titled) new arrivals.

: It’s time for another look at what’s going on with the biggest and best lotteries available through the LottoGo portal! There’s been no movement on the biggest of the games that Lottogo provides a portal to this week, but we’re pleased to report some upward momentum in the other two big names. The US Powerball lottery is stuck at £100m with just over a day to go – the same situation it was in last week – but the Mega Millions has rolled over again and now has £75m as a jackpot to pay out by the end of today. The Superenalotto rolled over last week, too, and is currently carrying £63m.

Away from the lotteries, we were expecting LottoGo to continue the trend it began last week by adding horror-themed slots to its selection for Halloween. Devour the Weak by Yggdrasil is still the most recent addition to the portfolio, though. Pumpkin Smash, which is also by Yggdrasil, has been moved up alongside it. In fact, now we look closely, the entire top line of “most popular” slots at LottoGo is taken up by Yggdrasil creations, so either the Swedish provider is unusually popular at LottoGo, or LottoGo and Yggdrasil have a special relationship. Given that massive, world-conquering names like Starburst, Fluffy Favourites and Big Bass Splash are all listed in a way that suggests that they’re less popular than the Yggdrasil slots, our money is on the latter rather than the former.

: We know why you’re here – you’re after the latest prize values for the world’s biggest lotteries. As ever, Lottogo is happy to bring you the news – but you might not be as happy with it as you were last time we provided you with an update on it. The US Powerball Lottery is, once again, the biggest prize pool available to players at Lottogo, but it currently carries a much smaller jackpot fund than it has in the past. Allowing for conversion from US to UK currency, the jackpot value of the Powerball as of the time of writing is £100m. That will still change your life beyond all recognition, but we’ve seen Powerball jackpots worth more than seven times that amount as recently as two weeks ago. The other headline figures this week are that the Mega Millions jackpot has rolled over and is currently worth £39m, and the Superenalotto has also rolled over and is currently worth £60m.

Lottogo Devour the Weak

Like a lot of iGaming sites that offer slots, Lottogo has been preparing itself for Halloween. All of the slots currently featured on the casino’s homepage have Halloween connections, but none say “horror season” more than Devour the Weak by Yggdrasil, which is a new arrival at the casino. It nails its theme with hexagon-shaped symbols and truly horrifying visuals, and it offers a win multiplier that can go as high as a theme-appropriate x666, but it’s a little stingy when it comes to the RTP, offering just 94%.

: Whenever we’re looking at Lottogo news, the big question is how much money is available to be won in the jackpots available to the site this week. Nine times out of ten, the biggest jackpot is the US Powerball jackpot, and that proves to be the case yet again this week. You have a little over twenty-four hours to enter the draw for that one if you haven’t done so already, and the prize pool available in this week’s draw is £762m. Second billing goes to the Mega Millions jackpot, which has a £220m jackpot and will close in the early hours of tomorrow morning from the point of view of players in the UK.

While Lottogo is a lottery website first and foremost, it also offers an ever-growing number of slots games. The latest new arrival at Lottogo is Fishin’ Bigger Pots of Gold by Games Global, which is the provider that used to be called Microgaming – or, more specifically, Games Global’s in-house development team, Gameburger Studios. The game is an attempt to take the popularity of titles like 9 Masks of Fire and 9 Pots of Gold – both of which come from the same developer – and combine them with the seemingly omnipresent fishing theme. The result is a big, bold and complicated slots game that offers single-spin wins of up to 22,800x your stake and spot jackpots of up to x7500, along with upgradeable multiplier symbols. It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but we know it’ll have plenty of fans.

: There must have been a surge in UK-based players taking part in lotteries recently because we’ve noticed a considerable uptick in the number of people visiting this page. Since you’re all here now, we’re going to start providing regular Lottogo news. That might be easier to do on some weeks than others, as Lottogo doesn’t like to go boasting about its accomplishments. It’s a lot quieter than, for example, Lottomart or Lottoland, both of which are quite loud in terms of the press releases they issue and the attention they attract. The same can be said about Annexio (Jersey) Limited, which operates Lottogo but also likes to stay out of the limelight.

LottoGo Mega Millions

It seems to have been a quiet week or two for news concerning Lottogo, which makes us wonder how so many of you have found the site recently. Perhaps it’s a word-of-mouth campaign. Whatever the reason, the hottest recent news in the world of Lottogo is the size of the jackpots in the lottery draws that it provides access to. If you’re reading this on Friday, September 15th – the same day we published it – today is an especially loaded day. Players at the site can try to win £130m from Mega Millions, £477 million from Power Ball, or £47m from Superenalotto, all of which will complete their draws before Friday comes to an end. Alternatively, Lottogo promises to pay out £100,000 every four minutes through the Super Quick Lotto.

Can LottoGo Be Trusted?

trust score


LottoGo is a 3 Star trusted casino.

1. UKGC License LottoGo is covered by UK Gambling Commission licence 51692, which is held by Annexio (Jersey) Limited.
2. UKGC Fines The UKGC concluded a review of the operator’s licence in January 2022 and determined that its risk assessment procedures were insufficient, as were some of its customer interactions. Annexio (Jersey) Limited paid £612,000 as a settlement in lieu of a fine.
3. Customer Service LottoGo’s customer support is provided via live chat only, and you have to decline several FAQ prompts to be given the option to use it.
4. Trustpilot Score After over 12,000 reviews, LottoGo has a fantastic Trustpilot score of 4.5 out of 5.0.
5. Company Location Annexio (Jersey) Limited is based in St Helier, which is the capital of Jersey.
6. Visible T&C’s Full terms and conditions are easily accessible from the homepage.
7. Social Media Presence LottoGo has given up on Twitter/X, but still posts sporadically on Facebook.
8. Number of Sister Sites There are no LottoGo sister sites on this operator’s platform.
9. Games portfolio This is a lottery website and should be judged as such, but it also offers plenty of slots, bingo rooms and live dealer games.
10. Gamstop links Players in need of GamStop’s services can reach them by clicking the logo in the LottoGo footer.
Overall SCORE > ★★★★★ – 3/5 Stars

LottoGo Review 2024

The services that LottoGo offers are fairly niche, yet there are quite a few websites that offer the same services as LottoGo. That’s the paradoxical world that LottoGo exists in, competing for a slice of a fairly small cake. Competition in the “lottery portal” category is tough in the iGaming world, but LottoGo’s Trustpilot reviews indicate that it’s one of the best and most popular options within it. Let’s find out if it’s worthy of that reputation.

LottoGo sister sites homepage

LottoGo Welcome Promotions

There aren’t any welcome promotions to speak of at LottoGo; it isn’t that kind of iGaming site. While lottery portal sites like Lottoland and Lottomart have evolved so far beyond their original parameters that they now offer welcome promotions in much the same way that a regular casino or slots site does, LottoGo hasn’t taken that leap yet. There aren’t any incentives, perks or sign-up offers advertised on the homepage of LottoGo. Perhaps that will change in the future. If it does, we’ll update this section of the review.

Other Promotions

If you read the above paragraph closely, you’ll know what to expect from this one. Welcome promotions aren’t the only bonuses missing from LottoGo; there aren’t any ongoing promotions either. While LottoGo has plenty of iGaming categories beyond its lottery offers, it doesn’t offer any promotions on any of them. Given that so many of its rivals do, it’s probably only a matter of time before LottoGo follows suit. The strange thing is that there used to be promotions at LottoGo, and there are still specific terms and conditions for promotions linked from the footer of the homepage – it’s just that there aren’t any active promotions for those terms and conditions to govern.

Pros and Cons of LottoGo

Pros: LottoGo gets straight to the point. If you’re here to enter lotteries, LottoGo will put you straight in touch with them. There are also so many side games and other attractions that the site claims you could win up to £5m every five minutes on the website. We’re not sure that anyone has ever won at that rate, but we assume it must be mathematically possible.

Cons: The lack of promotions at the site makes LottoGo feel very bland when you compare the site to the likes of Lottomart or one of the other big-name lottery portal websites. There’s also a restricted number of banking options. Minimalism is cool, but LottoGo comes across as perhaps a touch too minimalist.

Top Games at LottoGo

No matter how many additional games and categories LottoGo adds to its repertoire, it will always be a lottery site at its core. It doesn’t have access to the National Lottery, but it sells a subscription model that ensures players always have a ticket (or tickets) in the draw for some of the biggest lotteries in the world. That includes the legendary US Powerball draw and its billion-dollar jackpot but also includes Mega Millions, Super Enalotto, the Irish Lottery, and plenty more. If you want to have your hat in the ring for a different big-money lottery draw every day of every week, LottoGo can make that happen.

Beyond the lottery games, LottoGo fancies itself as something of a Keno specialist. It’s specifically the Keno games that LottoGo makes the aforementioned “£5m every three minutes” claim based on, so that’s a game that can make you rich in a hurry if you’re exceptionally lucky. Bingo is another of the instant win games at LottoGo, and there are plenty of scratchcards to pass the time with as well. For a while, LottoGo got by with just these games and stayed out of slots, but that’s no longer the case.

Having decided to start hosting slots a year or two ago, LottoGo is primarily supplied by Games Global, which is the company that used to be called Microgaming. That means top slots like Blazing Bison, Fire and Roses Joker, Immortal Romance, and plenty of other Microgaming classics are available at LottoGo. Games Global isn’t the only provider that the website works with, though – you’ll also find slots and games from the likes of Eyecon, NetEnt and Pragmatic Play here, too.

Withdrawal Processing & Support

LottoGo doesn’t have a banking page and doesn’t print the logos of the payment providers it works with across the bottom of its homepage. Given the vagueness of the LottoGo FAQ, that makes it very hard to know what LottoGo does and doesn’t do with regard to payments. We know that UK-registered debit cards are accepted, and we also assume that bank transfers are fine. The full terms and conditions make reference to Google Pay and Apple Pay, but there’s no mention of services like Trustly or e-wallets like PayPal. The withdrawal timeframe guidelines are similarly vague, with LottoGo saying only that withdrawals are “usually” credited the day after they’re requested, but that the process might extend to five working days with “some banks.”

Customer Services & Licensing

The LottoGo FAQ section says quite a lot without ever really saying anything at all, which is an annoyance. If you can’t find what you want inside the FAQ, the only way to get in touch with LottoGo is to click the speech bubble at the bottom of the page and open the live chat feature. The website doesn’t tell us whether or not this service is available 24/7, so all we can say is that it was available when we visited during regular business hours to write this review. There’s no telephone number to call, and no email address is provided either.

LottoGo operates in accordance with the terms and conditions of UK Gambling Commission licence 51692, which is held by Annexio (Jersey) Limited. Any future LottoGo sister sites will be covered by the same licence. There was a disciplinary incident that resulted in a settlement in early 2022, details of which can be found in the table above.

LottoGo – The Verdict

LottoGo does what it sets out to do, which is to put global lottery draws within reach of players in the UK. It also has a fine selection of instant-win games. However, it doesn’t do much more than the basics. The lack of promotions and bonuses really hurts the site’s appeal compared to sites like Lottoland and Lottomart, and the lack of support for modern deposit and withdrawal options is a bugbear, too. It’s good, but it could be far better than good.

LottoGo mobile screenshot

What are players saying about Lottogo?

Here are our condensed / readers digest summaries of recent player reviews of Lottogo.

  • 12-Sep-2023 by Ashleigh:
    I found the service to be very helpful. It made my experience smooth and enjoyable. – source: Trustpilot
  • 12-Sep-2023 by David:
    Donna was fantastic in assisting me. She made my experience a lot better. – source: Trustpilot
  • 12-Sep-2023 by Mary:
    Luke was incredibly quick in responding and resolving my query. He made me feel at ease and took away my stress. – source: Trustpilot
  • 12-Sep-2023 by Debbie:
    I feel like the keno bonus is a scam. When you keep winning, it just goes to the bonus until your games run out. I’m not happy with this at all. – source: Trustpilot
  • 12-Sep-2023 by Matt:
    Billy provided excellent customer service, making my experience with LottoGo much better. – source: Trustpilot
  • 11-Sep-2023 by Mark:
    I initially thought LottoGo was a joke, but Luke from their chat support was outstanding. He sorted out my issues promptly. I’m so grateful that I even offered to send him 15% of my winnings. – source: Trustpilot
  • 11-Sep-2023 by Andrei:
    I had an amazing experience with LottoGo. Their support was fast and responsive, and I plan to stick with this gambling website from now on. – source: Trustpilot
  • 08-Sep-2023 by IWL:
    I thought I was playing EuroMillions, but it turned out to be Swedish Lotto. They also enrolled me in a scheme costing £32 a month without my consent. I had to cancel my bank card to stop further payments. Be cautious with this company. – source: Trustpilot
  • 11-Sep-2023 by CJ:
    I sent my documents for verification but I’m still waiting for my winnings. Their live chat isn’t really ‘live’. They finally paid me, but my verification is still pending. They don’t accept out-of-date ID, making it difficult to verify yourself. – source: Trustpilot
  • 10-Sep-2023 by Joe:
    Mitch was excellent and very polite. He resolved my issue immediately. – source: Trustpilot