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Lottoland ( is operated by EU Lotto Limited, Office Suite A, Ocean Village Promenade, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA.

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Lottoland Sister Sites

We have a little bit of bad news if you’re looking for Lottoland sister sites; there aren’t any. EU Lotto Limited doesn’t operate any other lottery sites, casinos, or gambling products. It’s a one-brand company. However, very similar services to the ones provided by Lottoland can be found at a variety of other online casinos, slots websites, and lottery sites. They’re not made by the same casino network company, but they feature broadly similar entertainment. Check out our suggestions for alternative Lottoland sister sites below.


LottoGo is so similar to Lottoland that it’s a Lottoland sister site in all but name. There isn’t a thing you can do at Lottoland that you can’t do at Lottogo or vice versa. If you’ve had your fill of Lottoland for whatever reason, Lottogo makes perfect sense as your first alternative port of call. Lotteries of many different kinds from many different places are offered at the site, including a “lotto of the week,” which is generally reserved for a lottery or lottery-like jackpot game that you may never have come across before. There’s also a fairly generous selection of online slots at Lottogo, plus the opportunity to get involved in large betting syndicates to boost your chances of winning and sharing a prize pool with other players. Lottogo is an all-in-one casino site that offers everything from multi-million-pound jackpot games to tiny bingo rooms.

Lottoland sister sites Lottogo



Lottomart has the all-important word “Lotto” in its name, but it’s more akin to a general casino website than it is a specialist lottery website. It’s not as good a match as a Lottoland casino site as Lottogo is, but it still offers free lottery bets on a variety of lotteries around the world, including Eurojackpot, the Great British lottery, Irish Lotto, US Powerball and more. Free bets on the lottery are usually presented as promotional perks in return for players spending their money on online slots and other casino games. Lottomart is a very bonus and promotions-orientated site, with its entire homepage given over to a plethora of incentives aimed at persuading players to sign up and give them a try. With over 500 games in its library, it’s got a strong and varied portfolio, and it’s nice that there’s lottery access here, even if it does come across as more of an afterthought than a feature.

Lottoland sister sites Lottoland

Irish Lottery

Irish Lottery logo

The Irish Lottery is the Irish equivalent of the UK National Lottery, and there really isn’t much more to say about it than that. It takes a curious approach to accepting customers because it allows players based outside Ireland to play. That must water down the chances of any Irish people actually winning the Irish Lottery, but spreading the net this wide means the company behind the Irish Lottery makes more money than it would do if it focused its interests closer to home. The Irish Lottery has become increasingly popular with players in the UK recently because of the perception that the UK National Lottery has become a lot harder to win than it used to be. If you’re tired of looking for your lucky numbers every weekend and seeing nothing come up, maybe a change of scenery to the Emerald Isle might freshen things up for you.

Lottoland sister sites Irish Lottery

National Lottery

National Lottery logo

We can’t make a list of alternative Lottoland sister sites without talking about the UK’s original National Lottery. It launched in 1994, and since then, it’s become part of the country’s national fabric. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the National Lottery is a British cultural institution. It’s certainly helped out a lot of charitable causes both in Britain and further afield, with more than 600,000 registered charities and community projects known to have been assisted through lottery funds. The format of the National Lottery has changed a little in recent years – not for the better, according to some players – but the Saturday lottery draw is still a major televised event. Aside from football betting, the National Lottery is the most common way that most people in the UK gamble.

Lottoland sister sites National Lottery

Health Lottery

Health Lottery logo

The Health Lottery has always struck us as an odd name for a lottery game because it’s always had negative connotations. It was a term that the press came up with a decade or two ago to describe the phenomenon of people who live in different postcode areas having access to different qualities of healthcare, thus affecting their health and even their prospective lifespan. Nevertheless, The Health Lottery (the game, not the aforementioned unpleasantness) has become a mainstay in of the British gambling scene, thus making it ripe for inclusion in our list of alternative Lottoland sister sites. The Health Lottery claims to have the best lottery odds in Britain – a statement through which it means to differ itself from the National Lottery. The statement is technically true, but the odds are still about as good (or bad) as they are of being hit by a car on your way home from work. Still, someone has to win somewhere, and it’s just as likely to be you at this site as it is anyone else.

Lottoland sister sites Health Lottery

Lottoland News

: A recent survey conducted by Lottoland sister sites, as reported by Breaking News, reveals a fascinating trend among Irish people regarding their Christmas presents. The study found that over half of the population in Ireland is likely to re-gift or re-sell their unwanted Christmas presents during the festive season. This practice of re-gifting highlights a pragmatic approach to unwanted gifts, with many choosing to pass them on to someone else or convert them into cash. Interestingly, the survey also uncovered gender differences in dealing with unwanted gifts. Irish women are more inclined to re-gift presents to others, while men tend to sell them online or in sales to earn extra money. Millennials, in particular, show a higher tendency to keep gifts out of respect for the giver, a sentiment also shared by residents of Connacht and Ulster.

Lottoland Regift Christmas Presents

In terms of regional differences, Dubliners are most likely to return presents to the store where they were purchased. In contrast, people in Munster are more inclined to return them directly to the giver. Additionally, 12% of respondents prefer to return the gifts to the store of purchase, 30% choose to donate them to charity shops, and 29% opt for re-gifting as a cost-saving measure. This trend of re-gifting and re-selling unwanted Christmas presents offers a glimpse into the changing attitudes towards gift-giving and receiving. It suggests a shift towards practicality and financial prudence, especially in the post-Christmas period. The survey’s findings provide food for thought for those considering their spending habits for Christmas 2024, indicating a potential move towards more thoughtful and practical gift-giving to reduce the likelihood of presents being passed on or sold.

: This week, Dublin People reported on the Dublin Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) launching their annual Christmas fostering campaign for dogs and cats. This initiative, consistently supported by Lottoland, is a heartwarming effort to provide temporary homes for pets during the festive season. The campaign is not just a feel-good story but a strategic move to alleviate the post-Christmas burden on animal shelters, which often see an increase in abandoned pets after the holidays. The DSPCA has discovered that fostering pets, even for a brief period of one or two weeks, can significantly boost their overall adoption rates by 30%. This short stay in a nurturing home environment allows these animals to adjust more easily, making their transition to permanent homes smoother. The Christmas foster program offers families the chance to spoil these pets with love and care, providing them with a break from the shelter environment.

One of the key aspects of this campaign is the option for foster families to formally adopt their foster pets after the festive period. However, even if the animals are returned to the shelter, the DSPCA’s adoption team gains valuable insights into how the pets behave in a home setting. This information is crucial in increasing their chances of finding a forever home by up to 30%. Suzanne McGovern of the DSPCA highlighted the story of Freckles, a Collie cross who has been with the DSPCA for over 150 days without finding a home. Freckles, known for her high energy and intelligence, is ideally suited for an experienced owner who can provide the stimulation and exercise she needs. Lottoland’s VP of Global Corporate Affairs, Laura Pearson, expressed admiration for the DSPCA’s work, ensuring that all animals in the shelter receive extra Christmas care and nourishment.

: Lottoland has recently etched its name in the annals of history by securing a Guinness World Record for the largest online payout ever, a staggering £90 million. This monumental achievement surpasses the previous record of £14 million and sets a new benchmark for online lottery payouts. Nigel Birrell, the CEO of the lottery betting company, expressed immense pride and delight at this recognition, emphasising the company’s commitment to making dreams come true and their desire to break their own record in the future. The record-breaking payout was awarded to a 36-year-old German house cleaner, known simply as Christina. Remarkably, Christina had only been playing on the site for two weeks before her life-changing win. Her winning ticket, a Eurojackpot bet, was chosen based on her mother’s advice, leading to her winning the colossal sum. Christina plans to use her newfound fortune for a dream trip across the United States, culminating in attending a Backstreet Boys concert, a journey she intends to share with her mother, who will also benefit from the winnings by retiring early.

Lottoland World Record Payout

Lottoland’s success is not just a tale of lucky winners but also a testament to its innovative business model. Unlike traditional lotteries, it operates as a lottery betting company, allowing players to bet on the outcomes of global lottery draws. This model has expanded gaming options for players and introduced a new way to engage with lotteries. A key component of Lottoland’s operation is its insurance-linked securities policy, which played a crucial role in managing the financial impact of Christina’s win. This policy effectively transferred the major portion of the payout to its insurer, showcasing the robustness and ingenuity of the company’s business strategy.

: A recent study conducted by Ireland Thinks on behalf of Lottoland has revealed significant insights into the attitudes of Irish residents towards gambling, particularly in the context of the upcoming Gambling Regulation Bill 2022. The research, aimed at informing the Irish Government about public opinion on increased regulation, involved 1,387 participants, with 66% admitting to engaging in some form of gambling. Interestingly, less than a third of the respondents were aware of the new legislation proposed by the Government. The findings, presented by Gambling Insider, indicate a strong public sentiment against the imposition of stringent gambling restrictions in Ireland. In fact, 19% of current bettors expressed that they would seek alternative methods of gambling if restrictions were implemented, echoing concerns about the potential growth of a black market, as observed in other countries according to a PWC analysis.

Mike Kirwan, VP of the Lottoland sister sites, emphasized the need for a balanced approach to regulation. He advocated for measures that would ensure robust regulatory oversight and accountability in the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland (GRAI), without infringing on individuals’ ability to bet responsibly. Kirwan urged Minister Browne to consider the sector’s concerns and ensure that the legislation includes clear definitions and effective consumer protection mechanisms. This research highlights a significant public opinion trend in Ireland, where a majority of the population seems to favour sensible regulation over a complete ban on gambling. It underscores the importance of considering public sentiment in legislative processes, especially in areas like gambling, where personal freedoms and responsible enjoyment are key considerations.

: Gaming Corps’ latest bold new venture with Lottoland is poised to become a cornerstone in their expansion strategy, which has been picking up a fair amount of steam in 2023. This partnership is a testament to Gaming Corps’ rapid ascent as a content provider, with their gaming suite now set to entertain Lottoland’s extensive customer base, the sky has become the limit for the provider which has only recently shed its underdog status in the iGaming industry. The integration of Gaming Corps’ offerings, including standout titles like Super Hot Stacks and Wild Woof, with the casino’s extensively praised platform, heralds a new chapter of enriched gaming experiences, tailored to the tastes and preferences of a diverse player demographic.

Lottoland Gaming Corps Partnership

The strategic business-to-consumer alliance will allow Gaming Corps to leverage the eclectic virtual casino and lottery provider’s robust market presence. With an audience of over 18 million players continually checking out the Lottoland sister sites, this is a significant milestone for the Swedish content provider. As Gaming Corps’ portfolio disperses across the international gaming landscape, its new casino home will simultaneously rejuvenate its library with innovative and high-quality gaming content, ensuring that both companies continue on their trajectory of growth and player satisfaction. The synergy between Gaming Corps’ commitment to high-quality content and Lottoland’s customer-centric approach is evident in the comments from their leadership. Both Danielle Calafato and Nigel Birrell highlight the shared vision of delivering an unparalleled gaming experience and the joy of potential jackpots to players worldwide. The enthusiasm is palpable as both entities embark on this journey, setting the stage for a partnership to enhance the gaming experience for gambling enthusiasts worldwide.

: In an intriguing twist to the Halloween festivities, a survey commissioned by the sister sites of Lottoland and published by the Irish website Nova has shed light on Dubliners’ beliefs in the supernatural. The results reveal that a significant portion of the capital’s population, precisely 43%, are convinced that ghosts walk among us. This fascinating study not only delved into the overall belief in spectres but also teased out which demographics are more inclined towards such beliefs. Notably, it’s the younger Dubliners, aged between 25 and 34, who are most likely to sense a presence from the other side, with a striking 49% affirming their belief in ghosts. This contrasts with the older generation, where only 38% of those aged over 55 share this conviction.

Gender also plays a role in this ethereal divide; women are more inclined towards ghostly beliefs than men, with 48% compared to 38% for their male counterparts. This dichotomy adds an additional layer of depth to the findings, suggesting that cultural narratives and societal roles might influence one’s openness to the paranormal. Moreover, the survey served a dual purpose: it not only gleaned insights into public opinion but also cleverly crafted Halloween-themed content. In a stroke of creative marketing, Lottoland sister sites have woven the survey results into a narrative that captures the imagination and taps into the seasonal mood. The timing of the survey’s publication could not be more apt, aligning perfectly with the air of mystery and playfulness that Halloween ushers in. It’s a testament to how data can be harnessed not just for insights but also for storytelling, adding a touch of the extraordinary to the holiday season.

: Halloween 2023 promises to be not just spooky, but potentially profitable for some! Lottoland has unveiled its Halloween Candy Drops promotion with a staggering prize pool of £600,000 up for grabs. For those who’d fancy a thrilling twist to the season, this could be the perfect treat. Diving into the specifics, this promotion isn’t limited to a single game. Instead, participants can play any of the eligible games, including Wolf Gold, Mustang Gold, Sweet Bonanza, and John Hunter and the Tomb of the Scarab Queen. The promotion started on October 25th and will run until the 31st, keeping the Halloween spirit alive throughout the week. To enter, all you need to do is place real money bets on these participating games during the promotional period.

Lottoland Halloween Candy Drops

Winners aren’t just limited to one grand prize; there are numerous cash rewards available across the different games. However, it’s worth noting that terms and conditions apply to all winnings, so ensure you’re well-informed before diving in. With the nights drawing in after the clocks went back and the allure of a potentially big win, this promotion might be the ideal way to get in the Halloween mood. So, if you’re in for some spine-tingling fun coupled with the chance of a lucrative treat, this might be where the magic happens this Halloween. Save the trick or treating for the kids and indulge in a spooky experience which is all about the treats. With a daily top prize of £10k, there is everything to spin for!

: On October 13th, Gaming Intelligence announced the arrival of a brand-new charity scratch card game that has recently debuted across the Lottoland sister sites which will raise funds for Hospice UK, a national charity for end-of-life care. The launch coincided with Hospice Care Week to raise awareness and the vital cash flow to fund hospice care in the UK. It would be nice if our health and social care system didn’t necessitate such a cause, but rather than lamenting that we don’t live in a perfect world, Lottoland sprung to action in a bid to extend their benevolence to a worthy cause. The scratch card costs £1 to scratch, and the biggest prize up for grabs is £50k. 20p from each £1 ticket will be donated to Hospice UK, which currently supports 200 hospices up and down the UK, benefiting the lives of more than 300,000 families annually.

The CEO of Lottoland, Nigel Birrell, was delighted with the launch of the new scratch card, especially as it coincided with the week the country came together to celebrate the vital work carried out by hospices and all of the staff members involved. In his view, the work Hospice UK does is phenomenal; his sentiments were shared across the entire team, which was 100% behind the decision to dedicate the new scratch card to the charity. As with all the games on the platform, plenty of effort went into perfecting it before it reached the game library, and there is ample anticipation of the game raising money for adults and children with terminal and life-shortening illnesses.

: From the 5th of October to the 1st of November, the Lottoland sister sites are giving their members the chance to participate in the £100k Super Slots Giveaway, which is all about letting classic online slots shine alongside exclusive games and making sure all participating players are rewarded for getting involved. Over the next four weeks, players are invited to enjoy classic hit titles, such as Starburst and Money Train 2, or dabble with innovative and fresh games, including Shinobi Spirit and Joker Loot; every week during the promotional window, there is a top prize of £2,500 to play for, in addition to guaranteed prizes.

Lottoland Super Slots Giveaway

For example, if you stake £10 or more in one of the four draws, you will receive a lotto bonus worth £1, if you meet the criteria in two or more draws, the reward will be even bigger, as you will be granted five free Mega Halloween Scratchcards. If you go four for four and wager £10+ in all weekly tournaments, you will be lavished with 25 free spins on Madam Destiny’s Megaways by Pragmatic Play. You can keep track of how many entries to the prize draw you have accrued by heading over to the promotions page, just be sure to opt in before you start staking to ensure that all of your wagers go towards racking up entries to the prize draws. The four prize draws will take place on the 12th, 19th, and 26th of October and the 2nd of November. If you are a winner, you will be directly notified.

: PayPal no longer has the monopoly over the e-wallet market; plenty of other contenders have entered the fray in the last few years as people are less hesitant to use their debit cards every time they want to make an online transaction. For some people, it is the convenience of e-wallets that makes them so appealing; for others, it is the safety. This week, the website Read Scoops, which covers everything from the best sportsbooks to play with and the sportsbooks to avoid to guides on fantasy cricket sites (yes, apparently, they are a thing!), introduced the MuchBetter e-wallet as a smart choice for modern payments. As the Read Scoops writers pointed out, the app and e-wallet have gained a significant amount of traction recently, due to their ability to simplify online payments, make them more secure, and facilitate a seamless experience. Setting up a new MuchBetter account couldn’t be simpler, after downloading the app, you are practically ready to go after providing a few basic details and setting up a security PIN number.

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to create a new account or bank with MuchBetter via the web, but that is one of the only few flaws of the service, which can allow you to make contactless payments, and easily make international transfers. You will even benefit from a rewards program, especially when using one of the hundreds of MuchBetter gambling merchants. To name a few, they include the Lottoland sister sites, 888 Sport and Poker Stars.

: The Lottoland sister sites have always been lavish with their welcome bundles and regular offers; as pointed out by The Sun on the 12th of September, Lottoland decided to be even more benevolent than usual by treating all newcomers to 100 free spins on the hit online slot game, Big Bass Bonanza. As the title has become somewhat of a staple for many slot fans, it is easy to anticipate plenty of virtual casino frequenters going through the rigmarole of creating a new account to claim the free games, which will come into fruition following a £10 deposit via an accepted banking method and staking that £10 on the hit Pragmatic Play game.

Lottoland Promotions

Currently, this promotion is exclusively reserved for UK players, and the promotion will expire on the 31st of October. Once the free spins have been allocated to your account, you will have 30 days to use them. If you do manage to reel in some big wins when you cast your fishing line with this game, which is highly likely thanks to the phenomenal win potential, with the complete absence of wagering requirements, you will be happy to hear that what you win, you keep. As there are no win caps to comply with either, if you hit the fixed jackpot of 2,100x your stake by triggering the main bonus feature and unlocking the 10x multiplier, you are free to withdraw your winnings or use them to fund further spin sessions on Lottoland’s stellar collection of slots.

: Malta is a major focus of operations for a lot of iGaming companies. Plenty of them are based there, and it’s also the home of the Malta Gaming Authority, which is the second most important licencing authority in Europe after the UK Gambling Commission. There’s always a buzz about Malta in the iGaming world, and that’s proven to be the case yet again this week, with Lottoland launching a new charity scratchcard to support the Malta Community Chest Fund. The scratch card is called, originally enough, the “Win-WIn Charity Scratch Card.” It’s available already – including to players in the UK – and can be played for as little as £1.

Scratchcards aren’t Lottoland’s usual order of business – the clue is right there in the name – but if you want to be charitable next time you visit Lottoland to take part in your usual lotteries or play casino games, the scratchcard is there as an option and offers the chance to win up to £50,000. Twenty per cent of the proceeds of the new charity game are going to the Malta Community Chest Fund, which implies that Lottoland keeps the other eighty per cent and the scratchcard isn’t actually as charitable an endeavour as the company made it sound in their press release. The Malta Community Chest Fund is a wide-ranging charity covering many different causes, including the provision of good and medical care to people who can’t afford such things, so anyone who takes part can do so with the knowledge that twenty per cent of their spending will make a difference to people.

: Motivating players to keep coming back and take part in lottery games when they’re not winning anything must become difficult after a while. Perhaps that’s why Lottoland has published a new blog in the “magazine” section of its website this week on the topic of the biggest lottery jackpot wins in history. Dozens of iGaming sites have done the same thing in the past, but Lottoland has tried to do something original by framing it as a battle between Europe and the USA, making it the lottery equivalent of the Davis Cup. Before you start finding miniature European flags to wave, though, we have to warn you that the result is a foregone conclusion. There’s only going to be one winner in this game, and it’s not Europe.

Lottoland Powerball Jackpot

According to Lottoland’s records – and we have no reason to doubt them – the biggest jackpot in history was paid out by the Powerball and came in at an astonishing $2.04bn. The American Mega Millions lottery is second place, with its record payout tipping the proverbial scales at $1.6bn. The best Europe can do is the SuperEnalotto in third place – and it’s a very distant third with a record payout of 371m Euros. For UK-based players, the best we’ve ever seen is a record EuroMillions payout of £230m. The biggest jackpots can all be found in the USA, but you’re welcome to play for them at Lottoland. If you feel motivated to buy a ticket now you’ve seen the size of the jackpots, then the purpose of Lottoland’s blog has been served.

: There are plenty of animal lovers in the British Isles. Any cause or charity that supports animals is likely to get wide public support, and few animals engender as much affection as cats. We love cats so much that we filled the internet with them. Despite that, there are lots of cats out there who need new homes and protection. You’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with Lottoland. The answer is that Lottoland got a mention in the Irish Mirror this week in an article about rehoming one thousand cats during autumn.

The connection between cat charities and Lottoland isn’t as unlikely as it might initially sound. The article in the Irish Mirror takes several quotes from the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, which is the Irish equivalent of the RSPCA. All charities need sponsors and backers, and one of the biggest sponsors of the DSPCA is – you guessed it – Lottoland. That’s why Lottoland VP Laura Pearson was also quoted in the article, making sure that she got a mention in for Lottoland’s Win-Win Charity games, through which the company’s work with the charity is funded. Is it cynical? Perhaps a little, but then again, this important cause might not have found its way into the Irish Mirror at all if it didn’t come with backing from Lottoland. Both the DSPCA and Lottoland win with this arrangement, and with a bit of luck, so will the cats.

: If you’ve visited Lottoland recently, it’s highly unlikely that you looked up and down its homepage and thought to yourself, “There aren’t enough lotteries here.” Nevertheless, Lottoland continues to add new ones. As a brand, Lottoland operates all over the world. The UK is a major focus of its operations, but it’s not the only important market for Lottoland. The past few years have seen American markets open up in a way that was never possible in the past, and Lottoland has been making the most of that fact. When we say “American markets,” though, we’re actually referring to South America.

Lottoland Lotofacil

The past week has seen Lottoland add not one but two new lotteries to its enormous portfolio – the Melate lottery of Mexico and the Brazilian Lotofacil lottery. According to Lottoland’s press release, the odds of landing a winner on the Brazilian lottery are among the best in the world, at “only” 3.2 million to one. That’s a big number, but Lottoland reminds us that the odds of winning the South African Powerball are 42.3 million to one. The odds of winning any prize at all from the Brazilian lottery are a mere twelve to one. The Brazilian lottery is drawn once per day, whereas the Mexican lottery takes place three times per week. Both new lottery games were made available immediately as soon as the deals were agreed, so if you have a burning desire to take part in a Brazilian lottery today, you’re free to do so.

: Last week, we reported that a lucky winner in the UK could walk away with more than £1bn in prize money if they were fortunate enough to win the Mega Millions jackpot, which is available via Lottland. When the draw was made, nobody won. That shouldn’t really have been a surprise, as it was the thirty-first rollover in a row. On the plus side, the rollover means that all that money is still in the pot, more has been added to it, and it’s all still there to be won. Lottoland isn’t the only lottery website that offers access to the Mega Millions Lottery – it’s actually an American lottery and is available to UK-based players via plenty of affiliates – but it makes more noise about it than any of the others.

In an attempt to become seen as the “go-to” destination for punters wanting to get involved in the Mega Millions jackpot, Lottoland wrote and released a press release, which was picked up by PR Newswire. In it, Lottoland notes that the total value of the jackpot is now £1.2bn, and it’s just as likely to be won by someone in the UK this week as it was last week. The site is even offering three Mega Millions tickets for the price of two for this week’s draw, which is a rare example of a lottery website offering a promotion. The Mega Millions lottery last paid out in April this year, but it’s only a few rollovers away from amassing the biggest total prize in the lottery’s history.

: Times of Malta claimed on August 2nd that “all eyes” were on Lottoland this week because of the enormous Mega Millions jackpot. The publications’ reasoning is that for the first time in history, the rollover jackpot had reached a total value of £1.1bn. If the next draw produces a single winner, someone will become a billionaire by buying a lottery ticket. That’s an astonishing thing to think about, and if you’ve bought a Mega Millions ticket, we wish you luck. This is the thirtieth consecutive rollover, though, so don’t hold your breath for a result. We’re also not quite sure why Times of Malta specifically referenced Lottoland – it’s not like the Mega Millions lottery is exclusive to the Lottoland site.

Lottoland Mega Millions

Times of Malta wasn’t the only somewhat-unlikely publication to namecheck Lottoland during the past seven days. A full review of Lottoland turned up in the Yorkshire Press, of all places, in a column called “Ask the Expert.” The reviewer in question promised to “unveil the Lottoland experience” with their detailed review. Aspects of the experience “unveiled” by the reviewer include the alleged fact that Lottoland offers bonuses on lottery draws that can’t be obtained by going direct to the lottery provider. We’re not entirely sure that the reviewer’s position on the matter is neutral, though, as the review was sponsored. If you’d rather read an unsponsored, unbiased review of Lottoland and everything that it has to offer, all you need to do is scroll down on this page.

: The mainstream media is often quite reluctant to publicise gambling news. For that reason, iGaming companies have to be both clever and resourceful when they want to get news of their latest promotions into the press. Lottoland has a new Women’s World Cup Sweepstake available and wants the world to know about it, but if it had done nothing other than send a press release to newspaper websites, it likely wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. To solve that issue, Lottoland commissioned a new poll to accompany news of the sweepstake’s launch. The poll asked people who their most inspirational sportswomen are, and the results have been picked up by several notable news outlets, including The Independent.

Lottoland claims to have received more than two thousand responses to its poll. Those two thousand people collectively named Jessica Ennis-Hill the most inspirational living sportswoman, pushing tennis legend Serena Williams into second place. Dame Kelly Holmes came third, which isn’t a position she’d ever have been happy with during her illustrious career, and the top five was rounded out by Paula Radcliffe and Laura Kenny. Princess Anne surprisingly made it into the top ten by finishing in ninth place, and Gabby Logan came fifteenth, thus implying that quite a lot of the respondents didn’t understand the question. The actual results of the poll are immaterial to Lottland, though – the point of the exercise was to persuade newspapers like The Independent to carry news of the launch of the sweepstake, which the newspaper website did. It even helpfully included a link back to Lottoland to make it easier for people to take part.

: It would take a very brave or very stupid company to go toe-to-toe with Google in a courtroom. The financial resources of Google mean that anyone who steps up to that kind of plate with them is in for a bumpy and expensive ride. We hope for the sake of Lottoland that it belongs to the “brave” category rather than the “stupid” category because taking Google to court is exactly what the company is doing. At a Competition Tribunal which began last Wednesday, Lottoland claimed that Google had terminated access to its advertising services without providing any justification. It further alleges that Lottoland is being discriminated against, as other gambling companies still enjoy full access to those services.

Lottoland vs Google

The value of Google’s advertising tools to any company that does business on the internet cannot be understated, so we can see why Lottoland would be upset about this and also why it would be desperate to have those services restored. The hearing stage of the tribunal is already over, and the companies are now waiting for the verdict. In the meantime, it’s carrying on regardless by appointing former William Hill bigwig Philippe Guillod as its new Vice President of Analytics. Guillod had been with William Hill for the past five years and brings plenty of expertise to his new role. Considering the standing of William Hill vs the standing of Lottoland in the industry, this has to be considered a major signing for the company.

: What does Lottoland have to do with music festivals? That’s not a trick question; we’re asking it because music festivals are the subject of the most recent blog entry on the Lottoland website. It’s entitled “The Ultimate Guide to Securing Tickets for Competitive Concerts and Festivals,” with a sub-heading of “Strategies and Tips to Increase Your Chances of Success.” We suppose there’s a connection to be made between gambling being down to luck and grabbing tickets for popular events also being down to luck, but as connections go, it’s a very tenuous one.

We’re not sure about you, but when we think of festivals that are difficult to acquire tickets for, we tend to think of Glastonbury (hi, Elton John). Glastonbury 2023 has already been and gone, so Lottoland’s advice might be useless to most potential festival-goers this year. Nevertheless, the top tips that the site offers include assembling a team of your mates to boost your chances of landing a ticket by having everyone apply at once and harnessing the power of devices with fast internet access. Using multiple devices at the same time is also recommended, and buyers are advised to log on to the queue at least twelve minutes before tickets go on sale. Lottoland isn’t exactly telling us anything new with any of this information – you’ll already know it all like the back of your hand if you’re a festival regular – but at least it’s a change from the usual dry lottery result news that Lottoland pumps out.

: LottoLand has made headlines this week as they have announced a partnership with HabitRewire, allowing the former to access the latter’s iGaming wellbeing platform and its resources. HabitRewire provides an iGaming wellbeing platform that LottoLand’s workforce will now be able to take advantage of, with personalised 24/7 access to their resources. This platform provides services that aim to improve employees’ physical health, mental wellbeing as well as their workplace performance. When we hear about companies within the iGaming space teaming up, it is usually with the aim of improving the safety of a company’s player base, and although this is extremely important, it is great to see LottoLand taking steps to protect those who work hard to provide an iGaming space for players.

Lottoland sister sites Fat Panda

Taking it over to the LottoLand casino site now, players over there will be happy to know they have added a number of new games to their site this week. One of these new games is Fat Panda, a slot game with an animal-inspired theme developed by industry giant Pragmatic Play. Someone in the Pragmatic Play studio must have seen the classic Kong Fu Panda movies recently, as this game seemingly takes inspiration from them. As has come to be expected from Pragmatic Play at this point, though, they are able to put their own spin on it with a fun-looking game with an amazing Asian-inspired soundtrack. This game plays out on 5 x 3 reels with 20 paylines. It has a max win of x20,000 your stake and an RTP of 96.07%.

: Players over at LottoLand will be happy this week, as they have updated both their casino site as well as their sports betting site. Over at the casino site, they have added a bunch of new games for players to try out; one of these new games is Fish Em Up, a slot game developed by Snowborn Games that has a fishing theme. The visuals for this game will come as no surprise to those who are familiar with the fishing genre, as it goes for that colourful and cartoon-like style that has come to be expected. In terms of gameplay, this game plays out on 5 x 3 reels with 20 pay lines; it has a max win of x5,000 your stake and an RTP of 94.11%.

Over at the sports betting side of LottoLand, they have updated their odds for the upcoming finals of the FA Cup. The finals of the FA Cup will see a Manchester derby as Manchester City take on Manchester United. LottoLand has odds of 2/9 for Manchester City to win this match in the 90 minutes as they try and move one step closer to getting themselves a treble. However, LottoLand has odds of 3/1 for Manchester United to win this match in the 90 minutes, as they aim to get themselves a domestic double (winning the EFL earlier in the season) while also stopping their rivals from achieving the treble, a feat only they have done in the history of English football.

: Over at LottoLand, they have updated both their casino site as well as their sports betting site this week. Starting with the casino site, they have added a couple of new games this week, adding more games to their already impressive roster of games. One of these new games is Relax Gaming’s Fly Cats Dream Drop, a slot game that takes the internet’s favourite animal cats and mixes them with one of the most popular genres of music in the current day, Hip-Hop. When thinking of a cat-based game, players may assume it would feature cute cats to warm their hearts. However, these are some cool cats that are rocking caps and sunglasses to create the hip-hop vibe. The game’s visuals are good and do a good job of creating this unique theme. In terms of gameplay, this game is played on a 5 x 4 grid with 40 bet ways, and it has a max win of x5,000 your stake and an RTP of 94%.

Lottoland Fly Cats Dream Drop

Many players will be looking towards the sports betting side of LottoLand this week, as it is a big week for football with the final day of the Premier League season set to take place, and LottoLand has all the odds for these matches. One of the most interesting matches is Everton vs Bournemouth, as a win here (odds of 4/9) for Everton would mean they would play Premier League football next season. However, a loss (11/2) would allow Leicester or Leeds to take that spot.

Can Lottoland Be Trusted?

trust score


Lottoland is a 3 Star trusted casino.

1. UKGC License EU Lotto Limited holds licence 38991 with the UK Gambling Commission. Lottoland is covered by that licence.
2. UKGC Fines In September 2021, Lottoland was fined £760,000 and had conditions attached to its licence after being found guilty of breaches related to anti-money laundering and customer interaction.
3. Customer Service Lottoland provides live chat and email support, but has recently discontinued its telephone support.
4. Trustpilot Score After over 3200 reviews, Lottoland holds a rating of 3.1 out of 5, which is around average for iGaming sites.
5. Company Location EU Lotto Limited is based in Gibraltar.
6. Visible T&C’s The terms and conditions attached to promotions at Lottoland are accessible with one click but aren’t listed directly alongside the promotions.
7. Social Media Presence The Lottoland Facebook account is kept up to date, but the Twitter account appears to have been abandoned.
8. Number of Sister Sites There aren’t any Lottoland sister sites. We’ve provided alternatives that you may wish to consider on this page.
9. Games portfolio Bingo, online slots, scratch cards and sports betting are all available in addition to lottery betting at Lottoland.
10. Gamstop links Lottoland supports Gamstop and carries its link and logo at the bottom of all pages.
Overall SCORE > ★★★★★ – 3/5 Stars

Lottoland Review 2024

Lottoland markets itself as a place where players can participate in the biggest lottery draws in the world. It has access to national and local lotteries in places as far afield as Australia, Poland, and the United States of America. The website was founded in May 2013 and uses its parent company EU Lotto Limited as a bookmaker. Today, the company has offices in more than thirty countries and employs close to three hundred people. None of this guarantees that it’s a fun place to be, though, so let’s examine the finer details.

Lottoland sister sites homepage

Lottoland Welcome Offers

Things have been scaled back a little in recent years when it comes to promotions at Lottoland. It’s not so long ago – early 2022, in fact – that Lottoland had a whole five different welcome promotions to offer. These days, it only has two – one for players who want to play casino games, and one for players who want to bet on sports. We’re hesitant to call the sports betting promotion a true welcome promotion because it’s a little mean-spirited. In essence, players who join Lottoland and stake £5 or more on a sports event as their first wager will receive a £5 free bet – but only if their first bet loses. Basically, you have to lose money to get your free bet.

If you’d rather use the casino, you can claim one hundred free spins on one of Lottoland’s featured slot games by depositing and staking £10 or more on Big Bass Bonanza (the exact slot may be subject to change). If you win anything from these spins, the money is yours to keep – there aren’t any wagering requirements associated with the promotion.

Monthly Promotions

Based on the additional promotions available at Lottoland, it might be better to visit the site earlier in the week than it is later on or at the weekend. That’s because Lottoland offers “Mega Mondays” and “Tuesday Shareday” promotions. To get involved in Mega Monday, spend £20 or more on bingo during the week and automatically receive an invitation to a special big-money bingo session that happens the following Monday. When we say “big money” the top prize is only £200, so don’t get too excited. Tuesday Sharesday can be claimed at the same time as access to Mega Mondays, because anyone who spends £10 or more on bingo during the week receives a share of a two thousand ticket bingo prize pool.

The other promotions at Lottoland come and go, so there’s no guarantee that the promotions we could see while writing this review will still be there when you visit the Lottoland website. For the sake of completion, though, Lottoland is currently offering fifty free spins on selected slots for anyone who buys two or more ticket for the Irish Lottery, and a special discount on tickets for “The Vault” bingo room and its special £5m jackpot.

Lottoland Pros and Cons

The pros of playing at Lottoland are quite self-explanatory. Having access to so many lotteries all over the world is a big part of the site’s appeal. There aren’t many other ways you could place bets on, for example, the Polish lottery, so being a Lottoland customer opens up markets that you would never normally have access to. It’s especially great to be a new customer at Lottoland because the site goes out of its way to throw promotions and incentives at you.

The flipside of what we’ve just said is that once you’ve signed up to Lottoland and used the promotions, you won’t get much else from the site in terms of perks. There aren’t any loyalty schemes here, nor any promotions centred around the casino or online slots games. The fact that the UK Gambling Commission found it necessary to fine and warn Lottoland in relation to the way it interacts with customers is a black mark against it, too.

Lottoland Banner

Featured Slots and Casino Games

Anyone who’s spent any time playing online slots will recognise the most popular slots at Lottoland and might not need any introduction to them at all. We know we have a few newcomers to the slots scene among our readers, though, so here’s a quick at-a-glance guide to the ones that attract the most players. 

Book of Dead: If you’ve played an online slots game where the main bonus feature involves a base game symbol being selected at random and then expanding for the duration of free spins, then you’ve played an online slots game inspired by Book of Dead. The mechanic was invented by Play ‘n Go when they came up with this Egyptian-themed slot, and it’s been copied hundreds of times over since then. There’s now a massive “Book of” series of slots, including some made by providers who’ve had the cheek to steal the name from Play ‘n Go!

Wolf Gold: Pragmatic Play’s finest hour to date came when they released the animals-and-canyons themed Wolf Gold slot in 2018 and picked up “Game of the Year” awards from various industry panels because of it. Their second finest hour came when they came up with the “Drops and Wins” jackpot mechanic. In the version of Wolf Gold that’s on offer at Lottoland, both of those things are combined. It’s Wolf Gold, complete with its iconic hold-and-spin bonus feature attached to Drops and Wins. Many players will tell you that this is the best way to play the popular slot. 

Starburst: NetEnt’s Starburst is the most popular online slots game in the world. It might always remain the most popular online slots game in the world. It’s always featured heavily on every slots and casino website that has it in its portfolio, and it’s common practice to use the game’s popularity in promotions. Set in outer space, Starburst is a brightly-coloured slot that offers hypnotic audio and visuals and comes with a highly effective wild symbol that expands and grants a respin each time it lands. Starburst has been imitated more times than we can count, but nobody’s ever been able to better the original. 

The core of Lottoland’s appeal is its access to global lotteries, but the slots section shouldn’t be overlooked and nor should its bingo, instant win scratchcards, sports betting and live dealer sections. This is a casino that offers everything a player could hope for when it comes to games. 

Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

Payments is an area that Lottoland could do a lot better with. The options available to players are quite restricted: it’s debit cards (Visa or Mastercard only), Paysafe Voucher cards, or the MuchBetter e-wallet. MuchBetter isn’t one of the larger e-wallet services, and it’s puzzling that they’d offer it here without also offering Neteller, PayPal, or Skrill.

Lottoland doesn’t make any guarantees about when you’ll receive your winnings, saying only that withdrawals will take “a few working days” to reach players. That kind of vagueness has no place in the modern era of gaming, and it shouldn’t be hard for the casino’s owner to commit to a schedule.

Customer Support and Licensing

You might have to venture into the Lottoland FAQ area and search for the word “phone” to find the majority of the contact options at the site, but you’ll be pleased with what you find when you do. Lottoland can handle customer service enquiries through email, live chat, and over the phone. Phone support hours are limited, and even live chat may not be available in the middle of the night, but the overall level of coverage is good.

Lottoland is fully licenced and regulated in the UK by the UK Gambling Commission. Its licence is held by EU Lotto Limited.

Lottoland – The Verdict

Lottoland’s players seem to be mostly happy with the casino site, and that’s the best thing we can say about any online casino. The amount of lotteries that it offers access to is genuinely impressive, and the number of other gambling options at the site makes it a fantastic all-rounder if the games are all you care about. If you also care about getting your hands on your withdrawals quickly, though, you might not be quite so pleased. It’s frustrating not to have a timetable for processing. We also think Lottoland could do a better job of rewarding player loyalty because, at the moment, all of its promotions are for new customers only. We still think it’s a good site overall, but there are obvious areas for improvement.

Lottoland mobile screenshot

What are players saying about Lottoland?

Here are our condensed / readers digest summaries of recent player reviews of Lottoland.

  • 04-Sep-2023 by Jessica:
    I absolutely love Lottoland! Their payouts are incredibly quick, and I’ve had a great experience with them. – source: TrustPilot
  • 04-Sep-2023 by MeeMee:
    The site is easy to navigate, and the whole process is straightforward. No complaints here. – source: TrustPilot
  • 04-Sep-2023 by Sean:
    I’ve had a pretty good experience with the games on Lottoland. I’ve been lucky on a few games, but I always play within my means. – source: TrustPilot
  • 04-Sep-2023 by Teresa:
    I simply adore Lottoland. That’s all there is to it! – source: TrustPilot
  • 03-Sep-2023 by Jay:
    I wouldn’t recommend Lottoland. They seem to pay out well initially, but then it dries up. Their bonuses aren’t great either. – source: TrustPilot
  • 03-Sep-2023 by Jenni:
    I’ve won a good few times and never had an issue with customer service. Overall, a positive experience. – source: TrustPilot
  • 02-Sep-2023 by JS:
    Getting a payout is a complicated process. They don’t accept Mastercard and their bank transfer system is confusing. – source: TrustPilot
  • 02-Sep-2023 by Gary:
    They took £500 out of my bank without my permission. I’d advise staying away from them. – source: TrustPilot
  • 02-Sep-2023 by Alex:
    I’ve had a perfect experience with Lottoland. The site is easy to use, and withdrawing money was a breeze. – source: TrustPilot
  • 01-Sep-2023 by Kerry:
    I initially enjoyed playing, but the constant checks and deposit limits made it frustrating. I’ve closed my account due to this. – source: TrustPilot

Lottoland Sponsorship Information

Since 2014, the official brand ambassador for Lottoland has been the quiz show host, Chris Tarrant, who is better known for his solemnly unshakeable demeanour on the ITV quiz show, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The ties with Lottoland and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire don’t end there either. In 2018, they sponsored the quiz show before it returned to UK screens for its 20th anniversary. To mark the anniversary, seven hour-long episodes were aired, but this time, Chris Tarrant wasn’t the friendly host – it was Jeremy Clarkson, who brought the same brand of humour to Saturday night screens. After securing the sponsorship deal, the CEO of Lottoland, Nigel Birrell, stated in a press release how proud they were to become the new official sponsor as the show reflects the ethos behind the millionaire-making lottery and casino site.

Lottoland also has a Who Wants to Be a Millionaire scratch card, along with scratch cards that donate a proportion of all sales to charities, including Blue Cross for Pets and cancer charities.

Another notable sponsorship deal for Lottoland includes becoming the name sponsor of the Australian Rugby ground, Brookvale Oval, which is home to the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and The National Rugby League.

Lottoland Chris Tarrant

Lottoland Adverts

Lottoland definitely made the most out of their ambassador deal with Chris Tarrant. He helped the brand to officially launch in 2016 through dynamic multi-national TV ad campaigns, however, his involvement with them has dwindled in recent years. Along with launching a wide range of international TV ad campaigns, Lottoland always comes up with their own video content. On their YouTube channel, you will find all of their popular TV ads, plus video introductions to some of their winners, and investment tips – should you get lucky and join the Lottoland Millionaire club!

One of the biggest TV ads aired in 2016, featured Chris Tarrant announcing the arrival of Lottoland to UK players, who could now, for the first time, safely, securely and easily play all of the biggest lotteries from across the globe. The ad was memorably staged as the opening to a grand event, such as the Olympics or the world cup – clearly, no expense was spared.

Lottoland Advert

Another highly memorable ad shows how Lottoland is the online lottery of evolution. By taking Darwen’s theory of evolution, they created a highly imaginative advert that shows a chimp slowly evolving into Chris Tarrant in a dapper suit talking about the one place where you can find a world-beating selection of lotteries.

Historically, for the biggest jackpot rollovers, Lottoland created TV ads to build the hype. One of the most recent examples was how when the lottery company promoted the $654 million jackpot that was available in the US Power Jackpot which was available to all lottery fans of legal age.

Lottoland on Social Media

Lottoland has a Twitter account for every country it operates in, including but not limited to, the UK, Asia, South Africa and Japan. For the UK players, their page is sadly no longer worth following as they stopped posting in 2020. Some of their last posts promoted their Christmas 2020 promo deal which allowed registered players to enjoy a daily advent prize giveaway. They also promoted Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and they have done their fair share of the heavy lifting when it comes to advocating responsible gambling.

Lottoland may have gone silent on Twitter, but they are still extremely vocal on Facebook. Their last post promoted their Scratch for Pets scratch card, which players can scratch to win up to £50,000. 20p of every £1 purchase goes directly to the registered Blue Cross animal charity. They also use the platform to advertise some of their promotional deals, for example, for the American Power Ball lottery that came with a £212 million prize pool, they ran a 2 for 1 ticket deal. It is also a good sign that they always respond to comments from players who are looking for answers to burning questions.