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The Phone Casino sister sites include Vegas Moose, Red 7 Slots, BingoTG and Free Daily Spins.
The Phone Casino ( is operated by Small Screen Casinos Limited, Inchalla, Le Val, Alderney, Guernsey, GY9 3UL

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The Phone Casino Sister Sites

Free Daily Spins

Free Daily Spins

Naming a casino website after a feature that every online slots player wants is a smart move, and it’s exactly what Small Screen Casinos Limited has done with Free Daily Spins. In fact, it’s the second time they’ve used names in such a clever way. Casino players who want to play slots on their phone might search Google for “phone casino,” and so they find their way to Players in search of free spins are likely to search for a variation on “free daily spins,” and so they find their way to this site. It guarantees that this Phone Casino sister site will get a lot of traffic. The next task is to keep people there once they arrive. The main selling point of Free Daily Spins is that it offers one hundred free spins to every player, every day, and doesn’t require a deposit before it grants them. The offer seems almost too good to be true, but it’s right there in front of you when the homepage of the casino site loads. With over six hundred slots to choose from when deciding where to play your free spins, this is close to paradise for slots fans. It’s amazing that the casino isn’t better-known than it is – and it’s well worth a visit if you’ve enjoyed your time at The Phone Casino.

Phone Casino sister sites Free Daily Spins

Red 7 Slots

Red 7 Slots logo

When you arrive at Red 7 Slots, you’ll see that the “100 free spins per day” offer at Free Daily Spins isn’t quite as unique or special as it first appears to be. The same incentive is up for grabs at Red 7 Slots, which is one of the lesser-known Phone Casino sister sites. At this point, we should also mention that the spins come with zero wagering requirements. We know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s all there in black and white – or red and blue, which is the Red 7 Slots colour scheme. Red 7 Slots has the same platform of 600 or so online slots that are present at The Phone Casino and Free Daily Spins. There’s a live casino section too, but you won’t get to see what’s in there until you register. As you can register without making a deposit (and get your free spins in the process), there’s no harm in doing so and finding out what the casino has to offer away from all the slots action.

Phone Casino sister sites Red 7 Slots

Vegas Moose

Vegas Moose logo

If you’ve been paying attention, you know what to expect at Vegas Moose already. The Small Screen Casinos limited family of slots and casino websites use the exact same platform, and the exact same range of games. On top of that, they use the same promotions. Here, just as with the other Phone Casino sister sites, you get one hundred free spins without making any deposit. You also get more free spins every day so long as you keep making deposits once you’ve started. And yes, the “zero wagering requirement” offer applies here as well. The only tangible difference between the Small Screen Casinos sites is the theme. Vegas Moose has the most amusing and irreverent theme of them all, with a moose dressed as Elvis as a mascot. If all the free spins don’t put a smile on your face, the literal Vegas Moose should do the job.

Phone Casino sister sites Vegas Moose


BingoTG Logo

There’s something a little different about BingoTG when you compare it to the other Phone Casino sister sites. By this point in the list, that’s a blessed relief. All of the other Phone Casino sister sites are survivors, having managed to stay alive on the Small Screen Casinos Limited platform when so many others have fallen by the wayside. BingoTG is a site that’s died and then come back. “BingoTG” used to stand for “Bingo To Go,” and a bingo site with that name was active on this network for many years before being closed down. Then, with no warning and little ceremony, BingoTG reappeared at the same URL in early 2023. There’s no reference to the “To Go” aspect of its name anywhere on the site, but the initials are there as a nod to the past. The other big difference between this site and the other Phone Casino sister sites is, of course, that it focuses on bingo rather than slots – so if that’s your bag, dive right in.

The Phone Casino sister sites BingoTG

The Phone Casino News

: The latest blog post from The Phone Casino sister sites offers valuable insights into managing time effectively while enjoying online casino games. With the convenience of online casinos, players can now access their favourite games from anywhere, at any time. This ease of access, while a significant advantage, also brings the challenge of maintaining healthy gambling habits. The blog emphasises that effective time management is crucial in ensuring responsible gambling. Key strategies for managing time while gambling online include setting a definitive time limit for each gaming session and using an alarm to adhere to this limit. This approach helps in balancing gaming with other daily activities. Additionally, managing one’s bankroll is vital. Players are advised to set a monthly or weekly gambling budget and divide this budget according to the time they plan to spend at the casino. This method not only helps in controlling spending but also in deciding the size of wagers in each session.

The Phone Casino Time Management Blog

The blog also suggests having a clear goal for each gaming session. Whether playing for fun or profit, understanding one’s objectives can guide the choice of games and strategies. For those playing for enjoyment, low-stakes games that allow for longer play might be preferable. In contrast, those aiming for profit should focus on games with better odds and develop a solid strategy. Taking regular breaks is another crucial tip. Breaks help in regaining control, especially after losses, and prevent the common pitfall of chasing losses. The blog also debunks the myth that playing at certain times can increase winning chances. Since online casinos use random number generators, every player has an equal chance of winning, regardless of the time of day.

: The Phone Casino’s in-house blog has recently delved into the innovative concept of gamification and its significant impact on online slots, a trend that is reshaping the experience on platforms like the Phone Casino sister sites. Gamification, essentially the application of game-like elements to non-game activities, has been a transformative force in various industries, including online gaming. In the context of online casinos, gamification transforms the traditional casino experience into a more engaging and interactive adventure. This approach is exemplified in the progression systems used by many online casinos, where players earn points or virtual currency for each game played or bet made. These points accumulate over time, allowing players to level up, unlock new challenges, and obtain virtual goods, thereby creating a sense of accomplishment and sustained motivation.

Leaderboards are another facet of gamification, tapping into the competitive nature of players by allowing them to compare scores and achievements. This competitive element encourages more frequent play as individuals strive to climb the ranks. Additionally, online casinos have incorporated quests and missions, giving players specific objectives within games and rewarding them with enticing bonuses upon completion. Social features are increasingly prevalent in online casinos, introducing chat rooms, multiplayer games, and social media sharing options. These features aim to replicate the vibrant atmosphere of physical casinos and foster a sense of community among players. This social aspect of gamification turns the typically solitary activity of online gaming into a more communal and dynamic experience. Examples of gamified casino games include Casumo’s adventure-based model, where players collect points to progress through levels and unlock rewards, and NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest, which integrates a narrative and innovative gameplay features.

: In a recent blog post by The Phone Casino, the differences and similarities between online slots and video poker were explored, offering players insights into these popular online casino games. Online slots, a digital version of classic casino machines, operate with reels, paylines, and symbols to create winning combinations. Each spin’s outcome is determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG), ensuring fairness and unpredictability in the game. Video poker, on the other hand, is a digital adaptation of traditional poker, where strategy plays a significant role. Players receive five cards and decide which to keep or discard, aiming to create the best possible hand for higher payouts. The key differences between these two games lie in their gameplay, strategy, payouts, and variety. Online slots are purely luck-based, offering a thrilling experience of unpredictability with each spin. Video poker allows players to influence the outcome through strategic decisions, appealing to those who enjoy intellectual challenges.

Phone Casino slots vs poker

While online slots often offer larger payouts, video poker provides better odds for jackpots. Slots are known for their diverse themes and bonus features, whereas video poker sticks to its classic roots, offering a straightforward yet engaging experience. Despite these differences, both games share similarities in their ease of play and widespread availability online. They also offer generous bonuses, adding excitement to each round. The choice between online slots and video poker ultimately depends on personal preference. Those who seek spontaneous thrills may prefer online slots, while players who enjoy a more methodical approach might find video poker more appealing.

: The Phone Casino has recently published an engaging blog that delves into the world of ancient Greece-themed online slots, offering players a chance to explore mythical creatures, powerful gods, and epic tales of heroism. This blog highlights several popular Greek mythology-themed slots, each offering a unique gaming experience that combines stunning visuals with the chance to win big. One of the featured games is Medusa, a 5-reel, 25-payline slot developed by NextGen. Released in 2012, it boasts an RTP of 96.17% and offers players a chance to brave the gaze of the Gorgon in their quest for riches. The game includes special features like the Once Bitten Bonus, offering 10 free spins with doubled prizes, and the Turned to Stone respins feature, which provides three re-spins with expanded wilds and a 3x multiplier.

Another highlighted game is Legends of Troy 2, a 6-reel, 50-payline slot from Scientific Games, launched in 2018 with an RTP of 96%. This game transports players to the glory days of ancient Greece, featuring high-value symbols like Achilles’ helmet and sword, and a warship. The game includes a free spins round activated by the Trojan horse symbol. Hercules Son of Zeus, released in 2017 by Pragmatic Play, is a 5-reel, 50-payline slot with an RTP of 95.19%. Set in a majestic temple, the game offers a betting range from half a quid to £250, catering to both cautious players and high rollers. These slots, available at The Phone Casino sister sites, offer players an immersive experience into ancient Greek mythology. They’re more than just a game, they’re an epic taste of adventure.

: The Phone Casino has shared invaluable advice for those new to the world of online gambling in a new blog post, which focuses on how to identify fake or illegal online casinos. This guidance is crucial in an era where digital scams are rampant, and the safety of personal and financial information is a paramount concern. The blog outlines seven key indicators of potentially fraudulent online casinos. Firstly, a legitimate casino must be licensed to operate in your country, with the UK requiring a Gambling Commission logo and licence information. Secondly, be wary of casinos that only accept cryptocurrency, as this can be a sign of illegal operations. Thirdly, the absence of reviews, or a prevalence of suspicious or negative ones, can be a red flag. Another significant sign is difficulty in withdrawing winnings, which often indicates a scam – but let’s hope you don’t get that far before you realise you really aren’t onto a winner!

Phone Casino Fake Casino Spotting

Overly generous bonuses can also be a red flag; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Lastly, testing the responsiveness and helpfulness of customer service can provide insights into the casino’s legitimacy. However, some online casinos are 100% legitimate but still manage to miss the customer service mark. Playing it safe is crucial, and The Phone Casino exemplifies this with its registration with the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. Furthermore, the sister sites offer a variety of secure payment methods, and you only need to look at their glowing reviews to find out what the gambling community makes of the platforms!

: The Phone Casino’s latest blog takes us on a historical odyssey, revealing how the allure of ancient civilisations and myths is masterfully woven into the fabric of online slot games. This medium serves as a portal to bygone eras, where the intrigue and majesty of past worlds come alive with the spin of a reel. Norse mythology claims a prominent place in this pantheon of themes, its popularity fuelled by a rich tapestry of gods, tales, and iconic symbols such as Thor’s Hammer. The allure is not only in the characters and stories but also in the dramatic Scandinavian landscapes, which provide a boundless playground for slot game developers. Ancient Egypt stands as perhaps the most fascinating of these historical themes, with its sphinxes, pharaohs, and pyramids providing a fertile ground for slot games. The rich narrative of this civilisation, full of mystery and ancient wonders, continues to capture the imagination of players globally.

Greek mythology is equally prevalent, offering a vast mythology ripe with characters and stories ranging from Hercules’s strength to Aphrodite’s beauty. The narrative depth of Greek myths provides a wealth of content for game developers to draw from, ensuring a diverse offering of slot games​. Although not as predominant as other themes, Ancient Rome, with its gladiators, emperors, and the Colosseum, also finds its way into the slot world. This theme’s historical gravitas is translated into games that are as thrilling as they are visually captivating. Asian mythology, with its extensive range of legends and historical narratives, particularly from Japanese and Chinese cultures, offers a rich vein of inspiration. From dragons and Samurai to lucky koi and laughing Buddhas, these symbols represent a theme that is both popular and enduring in the slot game industry.

: The latest fascinating blog post by the Phone Casino sister sites dives deep into the rich history and evolution of some of the most iconic symbols in online slots. While most of us are familiar with the symbols that appear on our screens while playing online slots, not many might know the compelling history behind them. The blog sheds light on this subject, tracing the roots of these symbols back to their physical slot machine origins. For instance, let’s talk about the ever-popular BAR symbol. Did you know that it was inspired by the logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company? Back in the day, physical slot machines would often give out chewing gum as prizes, and this symbol is a nod to that era. Fascinating, right?

The Phone Casino Slots Blog

Or consider the famed Lucky 7. This number has long been associated with good fortune across various cultures, and its incorporation into slot games was a natural fit. In the world of slots, landing a series of 7s can bring about the most desirable outcomes. The cherry symbol is another classic that has been borrowed from earlier slot machine times. Originally, when players landed on the cherry symbol, they were often rewarded with a sweet treat. Today, while we may not get a physical cherry, seeing this symbol can still result in a tasty win! In a nutshell, the symbols we adore and eagerly anticipate in online slots have storied pasts, deeply rooted in the early days of gaming. This blog post beautifully captures this journey, celebrating the blend of history and modernity in the world of online gaming.

: This week, the Phone Casino blog gave a few tips to online slot fans who are looking for the best online casino games to relax with. Multiple studies have shown that spinning slots can be a relaxing and stress-busting experience; however, your cortisol levels will thank you even more if you are discerning while choosing a game to kick back with. Action-packed games that leave adrenaline rushing definitely have their place in online game libraries, but if laidback games are more your cup of tea, follow the criteria outlined by the Phone Casino sister sites to get the most catharsis out of your gameplay.

The first recommendation was to choose an uncomplicated game, which won’t leave you feeling confused with every spin as you try to figure out what the bonus features are up to. Games such as Starburst by NetEnt are popular classics for a reason! Great graphics may not seem like an important factor to consider when choosing a chilled slot game, but if you are constantly aware of the garish colour palette and the shoddy aesthetic, it is unlikely that you will truly relax into the theme. As a final point, it was recommended that you should choose a theme that is most relaxing to you. For example, if you find your calm in woodland spaces in real life, chances are you will also find your zen in a slot which takes you into the woods. Towards the end of the article, some of the top relaxing games were recommended, including Sam on the Beach, 99 Time, and Sunset Delight.

: The Phone Casino sister sites are constantly updating their blog with helpful and informative posts which help their members understand their games and how to protect themselves while wagering with real cash. This week, the casino’s in-house blog team published the complete 101 on progressive jackpot online slot games. Even if it does seem too good to be true that a slot game can make you a millionaire in the space of a spin, regardless of the stake value, many people have already had their lives transformed by playing hit progressive games, such as the titles from Microgaming’s Mega Moolah collection and the bonus-packed games from Blueprint Gaming’s portfolio of games which are tied to their jackpot king network.

The Phone Casino Progressive Jackpots

As pointed out by the blog, progressive slots differ from regular slots with the size of the jackpots available, which grow with every wager on the game – which is why you will often find progressive slots offering RTP rates which are infinitely lower than the 96% industry average. A certain percentage of the stake will be fed into the progressive jackpot prize network, in addition to the cut taken by the casino/developer. If you are new to the iGaming format, the blog recommends starting with small bets, giving the games a try in demo mode, and always getting to grips with the game overview first. Obviously, as with any other online casino game, you will also need to be mindful that you are not going over your budget. The dangling carrot of a massive jackpot may make it a little easier to get overly zealous.

: The Phone Casino sister sites never keep their members waiting for new content to get stuck into for all too long; this week was no exception. On the 23rd of September, the casino network celebrated the arrival of the colourful UFO-themed 5 x 5 slot, Zap Attacks, which takes the zany air of Tim Burton’s cult-hit classic Mars Attacks and uses it to fuel a wild and wacky video slot game, which reaches the pinnacle of extra-terrestrial entertainment. The developer, Thunderkick, gave the sci-fi game a volatility rating of 9.42 / 10, so, quite fittingly, there will be plenty of dry spells, in the game which sets its scene in the Wild West-esque fictional town of Rosewell, so bear that in mind when setting your stake between 10p and £100.

As the aliens rule the roost/desert, the alien is the top-paying standard symbol, a 5OAK combination of them will result in a win worth 10x your stake. To boost your wins, you will need to lean on the bonus features quite heavily, such as the expanding wild symbol, which always covers the entire reel and can boost wins by up to 5x if they are acting alone. In this slot, the multiplying wilds can work together and multiply with each other, so, if you create a winning line with three 5x multiplying wild symbols, your winnings will be boosted by 125x! In the FS game, the aliens will start to zap the high-value character symbols to fill up bonus meters, when full, the corresponding character symbols will all turn into alien symbols!

: When it comes to in-house blogs integrated into online casinos, few casinos are as inspired when writing content as the Phone Casino sister sites. Recently, the Phone Casino updated its blog with an insightful post which explores how music impacts online casino games. The five-point list of how soundtracks improve casino games started with a fairly obvious mention of how soundtracks create an inviting atmosphere. While slot soundtracks don’t exactly make or break online slot games and other casino games, such as game shows and live table games, a decent soundscape and sound effects can create an atmosphere which makes the gaming experience infinitely more immersive, engaging and pleasurable.

The Phone Casino Music Blog

Using Egyptian-themed slot games as a prime example, the bloggers explained how hearing the kind of mystical and exotic melodies you would associate with Egypt can help to transport you to that destination; in the same way that the timbre of a fiddle would help you to feel more immersed in an Irish game, or jungle rhythms would amplify the exhilarating atmosphere of an Aztec-themed game. The bloggers also pointed out how soundtracks can either help you to feel more relaxed, or exhilarated; while some slot fans prefer a high-octane game to keep them adrenalized and entertained, others load up their favourite game to relax, and certain slot soundtracks do exactly this. The writers also warned that slot music can also be used as a ploy to get you to spin more; a good soundtrack can release dopamine, and with his happy hormone swilling around your psyche, you’re less likely to cut off the source of it and move away from the reels!

: Even though it is a little too early to unleash the Halloween and horror-themed online slot games, the Phone Casino sister sites notably couldn’t wait until October to start unleashing the video slot terror – maybe they are taking the lead of the supermarkets which think it is acceptable to start rolling out the Christmas wares in August! On the 2nd of September, the site announced the chilling arrival of the game Monsters Unchained. It is a little darker than your average Red Tiger Gaming title, but it is more than worth squaring off against Cerberus, Medusa and the Minotaur which creeped out of Greek Mythology to create an immersive hell-bent game with 3D graphics and tones of ahead-of-the-curve features.

Much like a Slingo Originals game, the spins are played in cycles of ten; during your first nine spins, you will top up the meters that correspond to the three monsters; on the 10th spin, the monsters are unchained and run rampage and work tonnes of reel modifying magic. The minotaur can allow the reel set to expand to a 6 x 5 grid, Medusa can add up to 7 wild symbols to the reel set, and Cerberus can treat you to win multipliers of up to 7x. While it is unlike their fabled characters to be so benevolent, there is no doubt that the theme that lends itself effortlessly well to the features created one of the hottest slot games of the summer. When a chain is broken in the free spin feature, it will remain unbroken for the duration of the feature, which could give you up to 19 free games.

: Red Tiger Gaming always tends to mix it up from release to release, the latest online slot game that slipped out of the iGaming casino and reached the Phone Casino sister sites, Cyber Attack, took some inspiration from the definitive cyberpunk Blockbuster, Bladerunner. If you want to immerse yourself in more of a futuristic dystopia than the one we are currently living in, dive right into the high-volatility action – if you can tolerate the lower-than-average RTP of 95.68%, that is. You can test your luck from as little as 10p a spin or go all in with the max bet of £20. If you have always wanted to try your hand as a hacker, the 5 x 4 reel set with 1,024 different ways to win is a great place to start.

The Phone Casino Cyber Attack

If you succeed in cracking the code, in a far more futuristic way than the main protagonist in the Da Vinci Code, you can unlock sizeable multipliers, trigger the random feature systems, or see a shower of wild symbols rain down on the reel set. Even though Cyber Attack is a high-volatility game, it won’t leave you hanging around forever to trigger one of the bonus features or reel modifiers. If you hack your way all the way into the system by breaching the sixth wall, you will win 10,000 x your total bet during the free spin bonus feature, which may not give you many free spins per session, but the free spins sessions will rarely leave you walking away with nothing.

: To help their players celebrate International Beer Day (yes, it’s a thing, apparently) the Phone Casino sister sites published a blog which introduced readers to the annual phenomenon and suggested a few of the best beer-themed online slot games. Like many of the national holidays that only seem to be growing in number year after year, this annual event was recently conceived; the idea to form an international event happened in 2007 in Santa Cruz when they decided it was time to celebrate beer brewers and everyone else who works tirelessly to ply beer drinkers with all the amber nectar that they could possibly imbibe in.

The three recommended online slot games to celebrate International Beer Day included Bier Party, Heidi at Oktoberfest, and the number one suggestion, Beer Barrel Bash, which is slightly more action-packed bonus-wise than the two former suggestions. Although, just like the other two recommended beer-themed slot games, this title is also thematically based in Germany during Oktoberfest; as you get the five reels in motion, you will be treated to a traditional Bavarian soundscape, oompah band and all! The beer stein symbols act as the wild symbols and the main bonus event in the gameplay, which would be disappointing if they weren’t locked wild symbols with the ability to create winning lines comprising of up to 15 symbols. If that wasn’t enough, the beer stein wild symbols also act as the top-paying symbol; they can pay up to 40,000 coins, depending on your stake size.

: The Phone Casino sister sites always strive to fill their on-site blogs with interesting and insightful posts. Case in point, a recently posted article on how cognitive biases can impact online gambling sessions. Cognitive biases were introduced as mental traps that can skew judgement and lead to poor decision-making skills due to our cognitive tendencies to take shortcuts or rely on patterns to process information quickly. While cognitive biases definitely have some advantages, they can also lead us astray, especially while spinning online slot games or enjoying other forms of iGaming content.

The Phone Casino Cognitive Biases

The Phone Casino highlighted a few of the main biases that can strike when hitting online casinos, starting with the gambler’s fallacy; which is defined as the belief that previous outcomes will affect future outcomes. The best example of this is believing that just because a roulette wheel lands on black several times consecutively, it is bound to land on red on the next spin of the wheel. This belief leads to gamblers making irrational bets, while in truth, every spin outcome is independent of the last and next one. Self-serving biases are also one of the more common cognitive biases among bettors; it leads bettors to believe that losses can be attributed to unfeasible external factors, such as bad luck. Bettors who firmly hold a self-serving bias can develop a poor sense of self-image over time, and they are less likely to critically evaluate their wagering decisions or learn from their gambling mistakes. Other biases that can ultimately lead to gambling harm include hindsight bias, team bias, ratio bias, and confirmation bias.

: On the 30th of June, The Phone Casino updated its blog with a post explaining how gamblers can self-exclude from online gambling platforms if they suspect that their gambling habits have become harmful to their finances, mental health, and overall well-being. All the Phone Casino sister sites take responsible gambling practices incredibly seriously to ensure their gambling firm only generates revenue from sustainable gambling. Self-exclusion was described as one of the most powerful tools for gamblers looking to regain control of their gambling habits. Via a structured program, gamblers can exclude themselves for months or even years to remove temptation. For gamblers who do all their online gambling in one place, self-excluding via the iGaming platform may be the best way forward. Via this method, self-exclusion can be activated by signing a voluntary agreement form with the casino.

Other gamblers prefer to self-exclude by using a third-party service, such as GAMSTOP, which will bar self-excluders from all gambling platforms partnered with responsible gambling advocates. For additional support, gamblers can also turn to gambling charities, such as Gamblers Anonymous, for free and confidential advice. For casino players looking to brush up on responsible gambling tips, the blog also gave some sage advice on how to play safely at an online casino. The Phone Casino advised to always set limits on how much is deposited and wagered and how much time is spent at the casino. If you have already started to chase your losses, that may be a clear sign you need a timeout from gambling.

: On the 22nd of June, The Phone Casino announced on Twitter that summer is the best time of the year, and there is no better way to celebrate it than playing the best summer-themed online slot games – a very subjective opinion, at best! For slot fans inclined to agree and need a little help discovering the best summery video slots, the casino revealed a list of the five top sun-soaked slots that are available at The Phone Casino sister sites on their in-house blog. Only one game could be rated as the ultimate summer slot, and the honour of that accolade naturally went to Aloha Fortune by Pariplay, which will have you (metaphorically) sipping cocktails from coconuts on a Hawaiian beach as soon as you load up the cartoon set of reels. The free spin bonus feature is enhanced with the addition of two stacked wild symbols, which will remain visible for the entire duration of the game. Away from the FS feature, you will have the chance to bank one of four fixed jackpot cash prizes, although, don’t get overly excited about them; the largest is only worth 1,000x your stake!

Phone Casino Aloha Fortune

For the slot spinners who want to stay a little closer to home on British sands, 99 Time by Eyecon is the second recommended slot. It may be a classic now, but the bonus action proves just how ahead of the game Eyecon was. During one of the main bonus games, you will get to construct a customised ice cream as part of a prize-pick-style bonus game.

: Four new games launched across The Phone Casino sister sites on Friday, the ninth of June, but the casino network put the most effort into promoting the immersive and spellbinding game, Ashoka. If you’re playing the ELK Studios epic game with the max bet level, you can stand to win up to £2,500,000; even if you are spinning with the minimum bet of 20p, the 25,000x max multiplier can still result in a life-changing win! On the 6 x 8 reel grid, you won’t have to worry about creating winning combos on the pay lines with the Scatter Pay mechanics at work in the dark yet spiritual game. Ashoka, the main multi-armed protagonist in the high volatility game even predates Buddhist philosophy, so, in addition to spinning your way to riches, you will also get a snapshot of Eastern history and philosophy!

One of the only caveats to this game is the 94% return to player rate, which is far below the industry average of 96%, but with the cascading reels nicely supplementing the other bonus features which are at play, you will find plenty of cause to return to this reel set, which provides a variety of wild symbols in addition to the win multiplier feature. When the multiplier feature is active, it will multiply all winning combinations, so long as there is a multiplying scatter symbol in view. In the main bonus game, you will have the chance to remove the pesky blockers, which get in the way of winning combinations, which should give you the opportunity to rake in massive prizes, especially when the super wild symbols are out in force.

: The future of online gambling is here; if the new blog post on the Phone Casino domain is anything to go by. The blog covers all of the ways in which AI will enhance the online casino experience, and how it is already at work in delivering immersive gaming experiences through online slot games. According to the writer going by the mononym Tim, AI is commonly used by casino brand owners to understand their players better and deliver promotions that are tailored around analytics and insights. Casino players may not be overly aware of the AI cogs that are turning beneath the surface of their favourite platforms, but rest assured, they are there, providing personalised recommendations to players. AI technology is also put to work to identify fraudsters or anyone who may be looking to play the system by creating multiple accounts and banking the bonuses from the welcome bundles time and time again.

Phone Casino AI iGaming

AI tech has also proven to be extremely efficacious in helping casino brands detect the patterns of gamblers who may be at risk of gambling addiction harm. Once a player exhibits a gambling pattern which is potentially problematic, their behaviour will be flagged as a preventative safeguarding measure. If you have paid attention to the iGaming news, you will be aware of the fines that have been incurred by gambling operators who fail to step in and spot the patterns of problem gamblers. The patterns usually involve placing a series of high-stakes bets in a short period.

: The Phone Casino sister sites always like to ensure that their positive reviews on Trustpilot don’t go unnoticed by their followers on social media. Tweeting about glowing reviews isn’t overly commonplace among the most popular online casinos, but as a smaller-scale operation, this pint-sized casino still has a lot to prove. On the 22nd of May, the casino shared a five-star review, which fawned over just about every facet of the site, starting with the great selection of online slot games and table games, before moving on to giving kudos to the simple and straightforward verification process, which can leave you up and running with The Phone Casino in a matter of minutes. The reviewer also had plenty of positive praise for the customer care department, who reportedly answer emails within an hour during their operating times. For customers who would prefer to pick up the phone and speak to the team, that option is also available.

Furthermore, the withdrawal process is lightning-fast, and you can have your winnings in a matter of hours if withdrawing your funds into an e-wallet! The review concluded with the statement that the happy customer has played on a lot of online casinos, and this one outshines the others by quite a fair margin. No wonder the casino decided to share the review just above their announcements of brand-new games and promotions to enjoy over the weekend. By looking at their Trustpilot page, it would appear that the majority of the reviewers share the same sentiments.

: On May 12, Phone Casino informed its Twitter followers that the bingo jackpot game currently has a prize pool of £17k, and there is a number of other enticing promotions to get stuck into over the weekend. The first being the exclusive promo that is being held by Inspired Gaming, and the second is the Fluffy Weekends promo, which is giving away prizes at random to select lucky players. As usual, the Phone Casino sister sites also announced the release of four brand-new video slots, which are naturally more than fitting for mobile play. The slot that stole the show was Rainbow Trinkets: Racking Up Riches. The slot title sounds incredibly similar to one that would belong in the Rainbow Riches online slot franchise, but once you load up the colourful and almost dreamlike in its aesthetics game, you will instantly see that the title from High 5 Gaming is worlds apart.

Phone Casino Rainbow Trinkets

Just about anything can happen on the massive 10 x 10 reel space; every time you form a new winning cluster, you will be granted a free re-spin where all the non-winning symbols will be replaced with fresh ones. If you add to the winning cluster with the new symbols that have landed, you will be awarded another re-spin, and this will continue until you fill the reel grid entirely or you fail to grow the cluster. The magnet bonus symbols will frequently emerge to aid you in forming win combos, and as you spin for free, win multipliers can be applied to your clusters.

: Usually, The Phone Casino sister sites drop four new games; this week, only three were deemed worthy of landing on all the platforms simultaneously. Plenty of effort went into promoting one online slot, in particular, The Wildos game, which is the ultimate prison break game to be good, bad, and ugly with. The title of the slot starts to make a whole lot more sense when you realise that the sticky wild multipliers are a major part of the gameplay in the base game, but they can scarcely hold a candle to the main bonus game, where you will get to storm a bank with the Wildos and stuff your pockets with as much cash as possible! What is slightly less understandable is why the main protagonists in the Western-themed game look like they have just crawled out of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode!

Another new game that comes with a pretty bold theme is the Ritual Respins slot by Lightning Box, who have seemingly gotten bored depicting natural phenomena in their games. The main protagonist in this title appears to have plenty of similarities with the Spirit of Jazz from the Mighty Boosh. Although he has nothing to do with old jazz records, he’s a skeleton magician, who will cast plenty of magic spells onto the reel set to ensure that you spin your way to some pretty phenomenal wins – despite the low volatility rating! The max win available is 1066x, which is more obtainable when you trigger the respin bonus game.

: On April 12, The Phone Casino shared a positive review on Twitter from the third-party website, which may not boast the same mainstream prominence in the realm of third-party review websites as Trustpilot, but it is a hub of handy and honest information for online casino frequenters to devour, nevertheless. The mid-week review was posted by a man going by the single name “Ian” left a 5-star review stating that it is an excellent casino site, which is easy to use, and there are plenty of lines of communication with the casino customer care team. He may be a man of very few words, but it is safe to say that he was impressed with the overall experience and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to other prospective players.

Phone Casino Ruby Play

On April 11, The Phone Casino sister sites also announced that an iGaming provider that has brought hundreds of titles to the platforms has taken over the sites for one week only. Ruby Play is a relatively new name on the Small Screen Casinos scene, but after this week, it will undoubtedly become one of the most popular. The time-limited promotion gave players the chance to play any of the Ruby Play games to be in with a chance of winning one of the 210 randomly distributed prizes that will drop at a hat until the promotion ends. One of the better Ruby Play games to try out for size is Quest of the Gods, which has a very similar feel to Playtech’s infamous series of Age of the Gods slot games.

: The Phone Casino sister sites never have any shortage of hit video slot games, but the latest addition, Rex the Hunt by Thunderkick games, has undeniably stolen the online slot show. Load up the six-reel grid, which gives you three rows on reels one and six and four rows on the middle three reels, and you will find yourselves slap bang in the middle of a wild and verdant jungle filled with wild and exotic flora. On the reels, you will find all your favourite dinosaurs along with the moustache-toting dinosaur wrangler, who will be your guide while you contend with this high-volatility game. The 4,000x max win may be a little weak when you consider the volatility, but at least the 96.16% RTP makes up for that shortfall.

Bonus-wise, the stacked mystery symbols are great for forming high-paying win lines, although it is worth bearing in mind that the highest value for a standard winning combo is only 10x your stake. Stacked symbols can only land on reels two – five; reels one and six are reserved for the scatter symbols that trigger the main bonus event, the free spin bonus feature. To start, you will get ten bonus spins, but there’s the opportunity to grab five more by finding two more scatters on reels one and six. To make the game more interesting, all mystery symbol stacks that hit during the bonus game will become sticky until you run out of free games; you would have to be seriously unlucky not to create some big wins here.

Can The Phone Casino Be Trusted?

trust score


The Phone Casino is a 4 Star trusted casino.

1. UKGC License Small Screen Casinos Limited operates The Phone Casino, and holds a full licence with the UKGC.
2. UKGC Fines The UKGC website has no fines on record for Small Screen Casinos Limited or The Phone Casino.
3. Customer Service The Phone Casino provides both telephone and email support, but only during limited hours.
4. Trustpilot Score After over 400 reviews, The Phone Casino has a rating of 4.0 out of 5. This is considered excellent for a casino.
5. Company Location Small Screen Casinos Limited is based in Guernsey.
6. Visible T&C’s The site’s biggest promotional offer is its 100 free spins per day, but the terms of this offer aren’t listed in full alongside it.
7. Social Media Presence There are active accounts for The Phone Casino on Twitter/X, Instagram, and Facebook.
8. Number of Sister Sites Small Screen Casinos Limited operates just three Phone Casino sister sites
9. Games portfolio More than 600 casino games are available at The Phone Casino.
10. Gamstop links The GamStop logo appears in the footer of The Phone Casino’s homepage.
Overall SCORE > ★★★★★ – 4/5 Stars

The Phone Casino Review 2024

The Phone Casino is both an exercise in simplicity and a stroke of marketing genius. Thousands of casino players search Google every day for “phone casino” because they want to find a casino site they can play on their phones. The Phone Casino picks up on a lot of that traffic and makes players an offer that’s difficult to say no to – one hundred free spins every day with no wagering requirements. That seems far too good to be true – but is it?

The Phone Casino sister sites homepage

The Phone Casino was launched by Small Screen Casinos Limited back in 2015. The network company’s name is a clue to its focus – it designs casinos to be played on “small screens” – phones and tablets. The Phone Casino is easily the most popular casino that the company operates, and so it should be considered the flagship brand. Here’s how it looks, feels, and plays in the here and now.

The Phone Casino Welcome Offers

There’s a little confusion about what constitutes a welcome promotion and what constitutes a general promotion at The Phone Casino. When you arrive on the casino’s homepage for the first time, you won’t fail to notice the enormous banner touting a welcome bonus of one hundred free spins for all new players, and no wagering requirements or other strings attached. The offer is genuine, but we’d hesitate to call it a welcome promotion. If it were a welcome promotion, you’d only be able to claim it once. At The Phone Casino, you can claim up to one hundred free spins every day – not just when you’re new to the casino. We’ll go into a little more detail about precisely how the promotion works later.

Monthly Promotions

The offer at the heart of The Phone Casino is that you might get up to one hundred free spins every day. Your first batch of one hundred comes free of charge when you register at The Phone Casino, and you’ll get more every day so long as you log in and make deposits. They have to be used up within 48 hours of being awarded, but that’s generally not a problem for most players. The spins come without any wagering restrictions. We have to tip our hat to the casino for that – it’s an offer you won’t see in many other places. The drawback is that you can only use the spins on a handful of slots, and they have to be played at the lowest spin value. 

The Phone Casino claims to have other promotions and offers in operation, including deposit-matching bonuses and prize draws for computer hardware, phones, and even holidays. Unfortunately, full details on these promotions can’t be seen until after you’ve registered. That means you have to go into the casino partially blind, but at least you know you have 100 free spins to play with when you do. 

The Phone Casino: Pros and Cons

It’s obvious from what we’ve said above what the pros of The Phone Casino are, but what are the cons? Does the casino have downsides? Of course it does. All casinos do – even ones that have managed to snag a rare five-star rating! Here’s our assessment of the ups and downs of The Phone Casino. 


•The possibility of one hundred free spins every day.

•Zero wagering requirements on free spins and bonus funds. If you win, you can withdraw. 


•Withdrawals might take up to five days. 

•Customer support works limited hours, so you might struggle for assistance if you’re a night owl. 

Featured Slots and Casino Games

The Phone Casino shuffles its featured slots around quite often. It has more than six hundred of them, so it tries to give them all a moment in the spotlight. As of the time of writing, Jackpot Jester and Bonanza Megaways are getting the spotlight treatment. 

Jackpot Jester – A classical fruity themed slot created by NextGen, Jackpot Jester features a maximum jackpot of £50,000, with a 95.08% Return To Player rate. The betting on Jackpot Jester starts from a low of 20p, going as high as £40 per spin. It’s a classic-style slot with an old-school atmosphere and a comparative lack of bonus features, but that’s precisely why it’s popular with players who enjoy the traditional approach. 

Bonanza Megaways – This Big Time Gaming slot was the first Megaways creation to capture the attention of players. It’s the template upon which dozens of other Megaways slots are based. Bonanza comes with a mining theme, and offer over 117,000 ways to win on a massively volatile set of six reels. Avalanche wins mean that one win could instantly lead to another, and the progressive multiplier that comes with those avalanche wins is unlimited. Combine those features with the free spins feature and you could really be going places if today’s your lucky day. 

There are other casino games available at The Phone Casino, but they’re hidden behind the registration screen. From the image below, though, we can conclude that they at least offer roulette.

Phone Casino Roulette

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Players can top up their account at The Phone Casino by using their Visa or Mastercard debit card, Skrill e-wallets, the Trustly electronic payment service, or even their mobile phone. Paying by phone is limited only to customers of EE, Sky, and O2. PaySafe cards are also accepted. The Phone Casino has promised that additional payment methods will be added soon, but the existing range isn’t too bad. 

Withdrawal speed can be an issue at this casino. While they try to process withdrawals within one day where possible, it can take up to five. 

Customer Support and License

Live customer support is available at The Phone Casino between 9am and 10pm through live chat or over the phone. Outside of those hours, you’re limited to email. 

The Phone Casino is covered by the licenses that Small Screen Casinos Limited holds with both the UK Gambling Commission and the Alderney Gambling Commission. 

The Phone Casino – The Verdict

The Phone Casino is worth spending time on purely because of the incredible free spins offer. It might be limited to specific games, but getting so many free spins without a wagering requirement is a rare treat. The range of casino games (especially slots) is almost – but not quite – as impressive as that mind-blowing promotional offer. Withdrawals could be faster, and it would be good to have live chat customer support through the night, but even taking that into account, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Phone Casino. 

The Phone Casino mobile screenshot

What are players saying about The Phone Casino?

Here are our condensed / reader’s digest summaries of recent player reviews of Phone Casino.

  • 09-Oct-2023 by Willian:
    I tried to deposit £25 but got a confusing deposit limit error. When I reached out to customer support, they were unhelpful and asked for a complex array of documents just to resolve a simple deposit issue. – source: Trustpilot
  • 09-Oct-2023 by Nilofer:
    There isn’t much fun to be had at this casino, and not much to win either. – source: Trustpilot
  • 08-Oct-2023 by Gary:
    Overall I had a positive experience with the site, and I’d call it both fun and easy to navigate. I was quite pleased with the user interface and the overall experience. – source: Trustpilot
  • 05-Oct-2023 by Matthew:
    I found the casino to be decent overall. However, I was annoyed at receiving too many promotional texts. I wish the casino could be less intrusive in its marketing. – source: Trustpilot
  • 04-Oct-2023 by Leeanne:
    I gave The Phone Casino a perfect score of 10 out of 10. I’ve been playing on the site for several months and find it to be fantastic. – source: Trustpilot
  • 04-Oct-2023 by Simon:
    Generally I like the casino but am dissatisfied with being charged for every withdrawal. This aspect makes me consider other gambling sites over The Phone Casino. – source: Trustpilot
  • 04-Oct-2023 by Claire:
    I had a particularly large win and was impressed by how prompt and helpful the customer service was in getting it to me. – source: Trustpilot
  • 03-Oct-2023 by Ralph:
    I initially approached the site with scepticism but was pleasantly surprised. I found the processes for depositing money, withdrawing winnings, and submitting required documents to be smooth and hassle-free. I was particularly impressed by the quick withdrawal times. – source: Trustpilot
  • 03-Oct-2023 by Jan:
    Despite being a little confused with some of the terms and conditions, I was happy with the service I received. – source: Trustpilot
  • 02-Oct-2023 by Gary:
    I was unhappy with multiple aspects of The Phone Casino. I found the welcome offers to be misleading and was displeased about being charged for both deposits and withdrawals. I also receiving unsolicited premium rate texts, adding to my dissatisfaction. – source: Trustpilot

The Phone Casino and the Small Screen Casino Company

The Phone Casino is operated by Small Screen Casinos Limited, and this site is one of the top brands within it. Small Screen Casinos Limited does have a customer-facing website, but the site has little to offer aside from a link to the main casino pages and a customer support email. They are committed to mobile gaming (which you could probably guess from the name) by keeping everything modern with the latest technology. Although their main focus is centred around mobile gaming, players who prefer to use laptops or desktops shouldn’t have any issues using the company’s casino sites. This focus on mobile gaming reflects changing trends on the internet, where there are now far more people using their mobiles to browse the net than there are people still using laptops.

Phone Casino Advert

The Phone Casino Blog

The Phone Casino has a blog featured on their site, which provides their players with all of the latest updates to the casino as well as general interest casino industry news. Many of these articles seem to be posted by one particular writer – ‘Tim’. The articles include reviews on slot games, as well as useful tech articles that will definitely appeal to their audience. An example of this is an article titled “Mobile Phones to Look Forward to in 2022”, which is informative but manages to also stay relevant to the brand. The blog also contains guides for certain games and ‘how-to’ style articles to help newer and more amateur players learn the ropes of online gambling before jumping in blind. Another article lists the best slot games for portrait mode on a mobile, which fits perfectly with the branding of this casino. Furthermore, articles like “The Evolution of Poker” and “The History of Scratch Cards” give gambling fans a bit more insight into the history of casinos, gambling, and some games themselves.

This multi-faceted blog is a creative way to allow their players to interact with the casino in more ways than just playing, and provides subject knowledge for both new and existing players, which is a rare thing to see on a casino blog. This blog has only been active since March 2020 and began by publishing content specifically related to the casino – such as the latest offers and promotions, rather than the original, different content we see being published now. This goes to show that The Phone Casino has gotten more creative with its content outside of the casino and will be reaching more people by posting informative content like this.

Sports Betting At The Phone Casino?

In April 2021, it was announced that BtoBet will be providing sportsbook betting for Small Screen Casinos which includes The Phone Casino, after being granted a license by the UK Gambling Commission. This will help grow The Phone Casino’s audience as they branch out into sportsbook betting as well as casino games. Then, in July 2021, games developer Red Rake Gaming signed a partnership deal with Small Screen Casinos, which will allow The Phone Casino to have access to a range of top-quality games from the Red Rake Gaming studio, enhancing the quality of play within this casino. The content and games will be optimised for mobile play which perfectly matches the branding of The Phone Casino and will ensure a higher number of players choosing this casino over others. This will also help both Red Rake Gaming and Small Screen Casinos to grow within the industry.

Having said all of this, we’re now in 2022 and there’s no sign of sports betting at The Phone Casino yet.

Video Advertisements for The Phone Casino

Phone Casino TV

There is a  TV advert for The Phone Casino titled “THE PHONE CASINO – YOU’RE A WINNER” available to view on YouTube, but the video wasn’t posted to a verified account, so this may have been uploaded by an outside source. The video shows multiple different people playing The Phone Casino on their mobiles, emphasising the fact that this is a mobile-based casino, while they all celebrate a win. The voiceover lists a number of features, games, and promotions that can be found at the casino, such as “100 free spins every day” and a “chance to win up to one million pounds” with “no wagering”. The happy winners make it feel relatable and make us think we too could be in with a chance of winning on the mobile Phone Casino. Some of the games that are named include “Rainbow Riches, Fishing Frenzy and Slingo”.

There is also a verified YouTube channel for The Phone Casino, which has some video adverts and additional videos related to the casino and its gameplay as well as a handy video on the preferred deposit method used by The Phone Casino (Trustly). There is another advert-style video that shows fast-paced moving high-quality graphics with another voiceover telling us all the benefits of The Phone Casino, such as being able to “keep what you win with no deposit required”, with “free daily tournaments and hundreds of prizes available” to play and win every day. The advert is simple and does not really stand out as a very intriguing video, and with only 200 views, it is likely not a very big draw for the casino.

The Phone Casino on Social Media

Since The Phone Casino is focused on branding itself as a mobile casino, you would expect to find a decent amount of coverage on different social media platforms. And with an active Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page (@thephonecasino), they do not disappoint. Unfortunately for them, their follower numbers on these pages are rather low, with a total of just over 11 thousand likes/followers across all three pages. Also, the content is almost all the same, with colourful posts promoting their newest and most popular games or holding mini-competitions for their online followers to participate in, which will give them the chance to win some cash. Their social media game could be improved, but with a decent following already, The Phone Casino is not lacking in this department. Some more interactive posts would surely boost their numbers, draw more people into their casino and gather more players.