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Prize Provision Services Limited is a lottery management company. The seven Prize Provision Services sites are 25K Lottery, Imps Lottery, Lib Dem Lottery, Sports Club Lottery, Support Sport Lottery, The Weather Lottery and Unite Lottery.
Prize Provision Services Limited is based at N B V Enterprise Centre, 6 David Lane, Nottingham, NG6 0JU.

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Prize Provision Services Sites 2023

Prize Provision Services Sister Sites

Sports Club Lottery

Sports Club Lottery logo

The websites created and provided by Prize Provision Services Limited are unlike those of any other casino network company in the UK. It would be wrong of us even to describe them as casino sites because that isn’t what they are. The sites operated by Prize Provision Services are all lottery sites – and even then, they don’t function like your typical lottery. Most of the sites – with Sports Club Lottery being a perfect example – don’t directly host the lottery games you’re being invited to place a bet on. Instead, they act as gateways to sites that do. The websites serve instead to promote the lotteries and invite other people to come and create lotteries of their own. Typically speaking, the lotteries run by Prize Provision Limited directly benefit a specific cause. In the case of the Sports Club Lottery, the cause is likely to be an amateur sports team. Players get the thrill of partaking in a lottery with a maximum prize of £25,000 and supporting their preferred amateur sports team in the process. For the smallest of the clubs and teams supported by the Sports Club Lottery, the income derived from the lottery games is a vital lifeline. However, the size of some of the football clubs might surprise you. Tiny clubs like Fremington FC and Aylesford FC are the kind of outfits that Prize Provision Services had in mind when they came up with this idea, but St Mirren FC is also listed as a potential beneficiary. That’s a Scottish Premiership club and one that surely shouldn’t need to benefit from charity cash. If football isn’t your sport, you could also choose to support one of a great number of gold, rugby or cricket clubs, along with several smaller-scale sports.

Sports Club Lottery Website

Unite Lottery

Unite Lottery logo

You might recognise the name and logo of Unite if you’re a member of a trade union in the United Kingdom. All trade unions take part in fundraising activities to support their members, so the Unite Lottery – also known as the Unite 2 Win Lottery – is just another way of doing that. If feeling good about what you’re spending money on is important to you when you take part in a lottery, it’s hard to imagine a more worthy cause than the one supported by the Unite Lottery. The game raises funds for The Benevolent Fund, which provides emergency funding for those in distress or hardship because of health or work issues. In extreme circumstances, the fund has even been known to pay for funerals for those who have no means of paying for their own. The Unite Lottery website proudly proclaims that the profits from the lottery have helped people stave off the threat of eviction, get back to work after serious illnesses or injuries, and buy food for people who might otherwise have starved. As is the case across the board with Prize Provision Services lotteries, the top prize in the Unite Lottery is a cool £25,000. While lottery games tend not to come with promotions or incentives, the Unite Lottery is currently running an offer that gives two months’ worth of games free for anyone willing to sign a direct debit and commit to playing the lottery for a full year. Very few forms of gambling will allow you to feel as good about your participation as the Unite Lottery does.

Unite Lottery Website

25K Lottery

25K Lottery logo

We’ve mentioned a couple of times that £25,000 is the maximum win available at any of the Prize Provision Services sites, but the 25K Lottery is the site that hits that point on the nose. It might be an old advertising cliche, but this website does exactly what it says on the tin. In theory, any charitable organisation can approach Prize Provision Services and ask to be considered as a potential beneficiary of profits generated by the game. In practice, there are only three beneficiaries listed as of the time of writing. It’s down to players to choose which of the charities they want to support when they buy their tickets. The most obvious and well-known cause is The Big Issue, which raises money for homeless people and is one of the best-known charity organisations in the UK. The second is Beaumond House, which is a nursing organisation that provides end-of-life hospice care. The third and final charity currently supported by the 25K Lottery, which we can’t imagine gets anything like as much support as the other two, is the Lincoln City Academy. Money donated to that charity helps the football team to develop its youth teams and hopefully cultivate football stars of the future. Rather than being able to pick numbers, all players are assigned six numbers at random when they buy a ticket. Bizarrely, the winning number is then determined by taking the second digit of the temperature (in Fahrenheit) of six European cities at midday on Monday each week. The cities are Stockholm, Corfu, Amsterdam, Athens, Vienna, and Tenerife.

25K Lottery Website

Imps Lottery

Imps Lottery logo

We’re hesitant to accuse a charity of being greedy, but this is the third time Lincoln City Football Club has turned up on a Prize Provision Services website. They’re one of the potential beneficiaries of the Sports Club Lottery, they’re a potential beneficiary of the 25K Lottery, as we’ve just discussed, and they also have this site dedicated to them specifically. “Imps” is the club’s nickname. The call-to-arms motto of Imps Lottery is “help us to develop the players of the future.” The young players supported by the lottery are between the ages of eight and sixteen, so they’re at the grassroots level of football and attempting to play their way into senior contracts with the club. Aside from getting a shot at £25,000, entrants into the Imps Lottery can win match tickets for the first team, VIP hospitality tickets, and football shirts signed by players. Money raised by the lottery goes towards paying for training equipment, coaches to work in the academy and extra coaching sessions for children in the community whether they’re members of the Lincoln City Academy or not. Imps Lottery is probably the most niche interest website of all the Prize Provision Services sites, but if you’re an Imps fan, it’s a way of supporting the future of the team financially while also standing a chance of benefitting from it yourself.

Imps Lottery Website

The Weather Lottery

The Weather Lottery logo

The weather in the UK can often be a lottery, but that’s not really what The Weather Lottery is about. It comes from the same school of thought as the Postcode Lottery and the Health Lottery, even though neither of those lotteries are Prize Provision Services Limited sites. This is the largest of the lottery funds operated by the company and has thus far donated more than £5.5m to worthwhile causes while paying out over £5m in prize money to lucky winners. This site is called The Weather Lottery because it uses the same bizarre system as the £25K lottery to determine winners, by which we mean it takes the second digit of the temperature in a series of European cities each Monday and uses those numbers to generate the winning six-digit code. Also like the £25K Lottery, you don’t get to pick your numbers – the computer assigns them to you at random. That’s probably to ensure that weather experts don’t have a better chance of winning the top prize than the average player! There are literally hundreds of charities attached to The Weather Lottery, divided into the categories of education, health, sport, and “other.” Running through a list of every charity would take us an age to write and you an age to read, so we won’t do that, but as an example of the site’s scope and scale, every regional branch of Age UK is represented under the “health” section. Celebrity ambassadors of The Weather Lottery include Sir David Attenborough, Princess Anne, Anthony Head and Christopher Eccleston. The top prize of The Weather Lottery might not put it among the UK’s biggest, but it’s a big-time game by every other measure.

The Weather Lottery Website

Lib Dem Lottery

Libdem Lottery logo

Despite what you might think from seeing the name of this next Prize Provision Services site, The Lib Dem Lottery is not the process by which the Liberal Democrats go about selecting their next leader. That’s about as close to political satire as we’re ever going to get on this site. Unsurprisingly, the purpose of this lottery is to raise funds for the Liberal Democrats. If you’re completely apolitical and have no idea what we’re talking about, they’re the fourth largest political party in the UK behind the Conservatives, Labour, and the Scottish National Party. That means you don’t get much choice over where your money goes when you play this lottery, but you can at least choose between the northern, southern, eastern and western branches of the Liberal Democrats. If you don’t care about the national political picture and you just want to support the party or candidate closer to you, that option is available. 178 local parties are represented in total, and the site claims to have 78,000 regular players. The site is unlikely to have any appeal to those who don’t support the Liberal Democrats – indeed, there will be those who would never dream of spending money here in a million years – but if they’re your party of choice and you like the idea of boosting their campaigns while potentially getting something out of it yourself, there can’t be many easier ways of doing so.

Lib Dem Lottery Website

Support Sport Lottery

Support Sport Lottery logo

The purpose of the Support Sport Lottery is made explicitly clear from the name of the site. It has a lot in common with the Sports Club Lottery, which results in the two Prize Provision Services sites being almost dead ringers for each other, but if you look a little closer, you’ll find that the nature of the sports supported by the Support Sport Lottery is a little different. For a start, it’s open to everybody. Anyone can register their sports club, team or organisation with the Support Sport Lottery and, subject to approval, they can start benefitting from money raised through the lottery site within a matter of weeks. The teams supported by the lottery appear to be even smaller than those supported by the Sports Club Lottery. As an example, the first team listed on the “play” page is Horwich St Mary’s Junior FC, which is a school football team. Coyer Colts Football club is next up, and that’s another team for children. The amounts raised by each team thus far are listed next to their profile. That’s a good way of keeping track of how well the lottery is performing for some of the beneficiaries, but unfortunately, it highlights that some are doing a lot better than others. The Support Sport Lottery doesn’t distribute its funds evenly, so the more popular teams and causes will always make more out of their participation than those that are either a little less popular or a little more niche. Still, if you feel like putting your hand in your pocket to support Ayr Cricket Club or Morpeth Amateur Swimming Club, you might never get a better opportunity to do so than by playing at the Support Sport Lottery – and you might even become £25,000 richer in the process.

Support Sport Lottery Website

About Prize Provision Services

What Is Prize Provision Services?

You only need to take a quick glance at the Prize Provision Services website to get a handle on what the company is all about. It’s a lottery and scratchcard management platform that’s open to almost any charity that wants to benefit from running either type of game. All of the sites we listed above focus on the lottery aspect of the platform rather than the scratchcard aspect, but we presume Prize Provision Services must be running scratchcards somewhere. They’re listed as the number one external lottery manager in the UK, although we don’t imagine that competition for that title is too intense. Simply put, this company stages lotteries and distributes prizes while donating a proportion of the profits from each lottery to the charity or organisation that runs them. So long as there are enough people playing, the company and the charity working with it both make money. It’s a classic win-win arrangement.

Prize Provision Services claims to have raised funds for more than one thousand charities and organisations in the UK during the years it’s been active. Companies House tells us that the organisation was founded in January 1996, so it’s been around for nearly as long as the UK National Lottery has. It might even have been inspired by the success of the National Lottery. The causes it’s raised money for range from well-known charities to tiny sports clubs. Sports clubs benefit greatly from the fact that Prize Provision Services handles all of the administrative tasks involved with running the lottery games. All the sports clubs and charities need to do is bank the money and carry on with their good work. The Weather Lottery is listed as the “flagship” brand on the company’s business website. We assumed as such when we studied the sites one at a time in the section above. Going back to the records that are publicly available at Companies House, it seems that Prize Provisions Services has achieved all of this despite having just six employees, which is impressive.

Much of the space on the Prize Provision Services website is given over to testimonials from charities and individuals that have benefited from running lottery games through the company. One of them is Age UK Milton Keynes, which says the money raised through The Weather Lottery helped its clients claim more than £4m in state benefits. It’s clear that the organisation does good work, so we don’t hold the fact that they want to shout about it against them.

The Prize Provision Services Mission

Prize Provision Services Website

It’s not uncommon for a casino or lottery company to have a “mission statement” on its website, and Prize Provision Services is no exception. However, most casino network companies write their mission statements in either management speak or overly aspirational language. Prize Provision Services keeps things down to Earth by stating that its mission is to make the lives of customers easier so they can focus on doing good things. It’s a statement that everybody can understand without having to consult a thesaurus, and it sums up the company’s business model perfectly.

Expanding on the theme further, Prize Provision Services breaks down its mission into tasks to give potential partners an idea of what the company can do for them. The full PPS proposition includes financial management and reconciliation, player administration, draw management, lottery and scratchcard setup, and prize payment. In real terms, that means the charity being supported by the lottery doesn’t have to do anything other than register and gain approval – every other task is handled by the company. James Rose, the company’s current managing director, claims that Prize Provision Services raise funds for more charities and societies than any other organisation in the UK. After seeing how many charities there are linked to The Weather Lottery, we believe him. To demonstrate its commitment to worthy causes, Prize Provision Services makes a bonus donation to each of the charities it works with once a year. The value of those bonus donations isn’t listed, but most charities would agree that something is better than nothing.

Pioneer Lotteries

The lottery platform that Prize Provision Services provides to its customers is called “Pioneer” and comes with the time-honoured motto, “we do the work, so you don’t have to.” Customers and potential customers of Pioneer are informed that the platform manages all of the lottery fund’s day-to-day administration, including data capture, accounting, player management, and running draws. This is the part of the website where PPS starts to repeat itself a little, but it’s better to repeat information than never to disclose it at all. The Pioneer Lottery platform is fully authorised by the UK Gambling Commission, so customers can sign up with Prize Provision Services without having to worry about the regulatory status or legality of the operation they’ve just got involved with.

Although the company handles all of the admin tasks, customers get free choice over the name of their lottery, how much it costs per ticket, how prizes are structured and, if applicable, how the lottery is promoted. PPS doesn’t communicate directly with the customers of any of the lotteries it runs – that’s down to the organisation to manage. The proposition guarantees zero risk, a top prize of £25,000 as standard, and a 50% minimum profit on all tickets sold. 1067 charities have benefited from Prize Provision Services lottery funds to date, with 796 active lotteries as of the time of writing. The scale of the operation is huge, which makes it all the more surprising that the company isn’t a household name.

Anyone considering setting up an account or starting a lottery with Prize Provision Services Limited should be aware that there are fees involved in doing so. These fees aren’t publicly disclosed on the company’s website and might vary from organisation to organisation. That might seem a little shady, but we’ll give PPS the benefit of the doubt by saying they might scale their fees to take into account the size of the charity or organisation they’re working with. There’s certainly money to be made here for any charity that wants to run a lottery – and also for any player that wants to partake in one. In both cases, though, you have to be lucky to walk away with a serious profit.

Full list of Prize Provision Services Sites 2023

All of these sites are owned and operated by Prize Provision Services Limited, but run on behalf of the charities involved with them. There are no inactive or white-label Prize Provision Services websites or lotteries as of 2022.

  • 25K Lottery (
  • Imps Lottery (
  • Libdem Lottery (
  • Sports Club Lottery (
  • Support Sport Lottery (
  • The Weather Lottery (
  • Unite Lottery (