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Tombola Arcade sister sites include Tombola and Tombola Bingo. See below for more alternatives.
Tombola Arcade ( is operated by Tombola (International) Plc, International House, 5th Floor, 16 Bell Lane, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA.

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Tombola Arcade Sister Sites

Technically speaking, Tombola is a self-contained brand. Tombola (International) Plc runs Tombola and Tombola Arcade, and that’s as far as the brand goes. That means there shouldn’t be any Tombola Arcade sister sites save for Tombola itself. However, there’s another way of looking at it. A couple of years ago, Tombola was acquired by the enormous Flutter Entertainment Plc group, which also includes Betfair, Paddy Power, Sky Bet and all the other Sky brands, and plenty of other iGaming sites. You could, if you wanted to, class all of them as Tombola Arcade sister sites. We haven’t done that because they don’t appear on the operator’s UK Gambling Commission licence, but the choice is yours!


Tombola logo

It’s not really fair to describe Tombola as a Tombola Arcade sister site. There wouldn’t be a Tombola Arcade without the original Tombola – it launched in 2006, and since that time, it’s become one of the top bingo sites in the UK. If you ask Tombola, they’ll tell you that they’re literally the biggest in the country, and it’s difficult to argue with that assessment. Hundreds of thousands of people log in to play bingo at Tombola every day, and if the team behind Tombola Arcade are lucky, a few of them might find their way to Tombola Arcade through the gateway on the main site. Tombola and Tombola Arcade aren’t siblings – they’re parent and child. The exclusive bingo rooms at Tombola, which include “Free Vibes,” “Bloom,” and “Bingo 90,” are the main draw to the site as far as most people are concerned, but Tombola also makes an advertising feature out of its high safety standards. “Tombola Safeplay” is a care commitment granted to all players at Tombola by the company itself and can be viewed as a mission statement. Through Tombola Safeplay, the company claims to have developed a market-leading set of safety tools. Between the exclusive games and the standard of customer service, it doesn’t take a genius to work out why Tombola does so well with players.

Tombola Website

Tombola Bingo

Tombola Bingo logo

Is there really a significant difference between Tombola and Tombola Bingo? That’s for you to decide – all we can do is list them side by side and give you all the information we have on them! Tombola Bingo is essentially the bingo portion of the main Tombola website accessed via a different URL. Very occasionally, you might also see it uses different graphics. Aside from that, it’s a clone. Tombola Bingo is a Tombola Arcade sister site, but to all intents and purposes, it’s the same Tombola Arcade sister site as the primary Tombola site. You won’t find any games at Tombola Bingo that aren’t already available at Tombola, and nor will you see any promotions at Tombola Bingo that aren’t available at Tombola either. We include it both for the sake of being thorough and also because Tombola itself seems to think the site is different enough to merit its own web address. It’s something of a curiosity.

tombola bingo unique games

Alternative Tombola Arcade Sister Sites

There aren’t any “real” Tombola Arcade bingo sites other than the ones we’ve listed above, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other sites out there that don’t bear comparison. These can’t be called true Tombola Arcade sister sites on the grounds that they’re not run by the same casino network company, but if you’re done with Tombola Arcade and you’re looking for something similar elsewhere, one or more of these casino sites might be of interest to you. 

Bet365 Games

Bet365 Games logo

Bet365 is best known as a sports betting company. Tombola is best known as a bingo company. Both brands have shown themselves to be capable of stepping out of their comfort zones, though, and that’s why we think Bet365 Games makes for a good alternative Tombola Arcade sister site. It takes all the goodwill of the Bet365 brand and uses it to present this minisite – contained within the larger Bet365 site – offering a range of casino games and non-sports-betting-related titles. The games you’ll find at Bet365 Games aren’t “arcade” games in the same way the entertainment at Tombola Arcade is arcade-related, but finding a direct comparison is impossible. Everything at Tombola Arcade was made specifically for the site, and so the site is utterly unique. Bet365 Games can offer you a similar experience with different games, and if you give them a try, you might find yourself thinking they’re the next best thing.

Tombola Arcade sister sites Bet365 Games

Paddy Power Games

Paddy Power Games logo

We’ve nominated Paddy Power Games as an alternative Tombola Arcade sister site for most of the same reasons that we nominated Bet365 Games. It’s another example of a massive casino and betting company that’s known specifically for one thing trying to branch out and become known for something else. Few sports betting companies have displayed as much cheeky humour as Paddy Power has over the years, and much of that humour is on display here at Paddy Power Games. You’ll never have played anything like the Paddy Power Lucky Pants game anywhere else, and it’s hard to imagine any other casino coming up with anything even vaguely similar to it. If you’re interested in playing one-of-a-kind bespoke games that were designed to put a smile on your face and perhaps winning a little money while you’re doing it if all the stars align, Paddy Power Games might be your next favourite casino site. It’s certainly worth a look if you’re coming away from Tombola Arcade.

Tombola Arcade sister sites Paddy Power Games

Health Games

Health Games logo

Health Games might sound like an unorthodox choice as an alternative Tombola Arcade sister site but bear with us on this. You’ve probably heard of the Health Lottery, which is linked to Health Games via branding, but the Health Games site is operated by 888 UK Limited and is probably the most unique casino site in their entire collection. Part of the reason that the Health Games site exists is that it offers every type of casino game that the Health Lottery website doesn’t or can’t touch, but it also offers a lot of bespoke games that were developed purely for this site and will never appear anywhere else on the internet. For those reasons alone, Health Games ticks a lot of the same boxes that Tombola Arcade ticks. It’s far from the best-stocked online casino in the business, but it focuses on the unusual rather than the ubiquitous and aims to give players an experience unlike any they’ll find elsewhere. Also, a portion of your first deposit goes to a registered charity, so you even get to feel good about playing here.

Tombola Arcade sister sites Health Games

Tombola Arcade News

: Our news update for Tombola Arcade this week is actually an update about our news update for Tombola Arcade last week. You might recall we said that a poll on the Tombola Facebook page about boybands was causing controversy because of the big names who were left off it. You may or may not be interested to know that the poll was won by Take That. That isn’t the point, though. The point is that the contest has been brought back for a second round, and this time, the competitors are Westlife, Take That, East 17 and the Backstreet Boys, with Take That looking to defend their crown. They’re not succeeding on that front at the moment, with Westlife way out in the lead as of the time of writing.

Tombola Arcade Bingo40

It’s been a quiet week of news for Tombola Arcade away from the usual Facebook activity, but there’s a new bingo game at Tombola itself to tell you about. It’s called Bingo 40, and it’s promoted around the idea that it provides four chances to win in every game. Played with forty balls, which is what’s implied by the name, Bingo 40 pays out £1000 for four calls, £2000 for twelve calls, £5000 for eighteen calls and £10,000 for twenty-two calls. Ten thousand pounds is actually a massive prize by the standards of Tombola and Tombola Arcade, but the chances of winning it are remote. Hopefully, it’ll be Tombola Arcade’s turn for a new game next time.

: Apropos of nothing, Tombola is currently hosting a debate about the greatest boyband of all time on its Facebook account. The era of boybands has been and gone, but we know many of you will have fond memories of your time avidly following boy and girl bands during the 90s and 00s. However, the poll is proving to be controversial. The only options are Boyzone, Take That, NSync and Westlife. There are people in the comments demanding to know why East 17 aren’t an option, whereas we can’t help but wonder how NSync made the list when the Backstreet Boys didn’t. What’s that all about?

If you’re more interested in gaming, Tombola Arcade has a brand new scratch game available as of this week, and is also using its social media channels to promote that. The scratch game is adventure-themed and goes by the name “Explore.” Impressively for what initially appears to be a simple scratch game, Explore offers players four different bonus games to “travel between” (Tombola’s words) and offers a top prize of £1000 to the luckiest of winners. Players can play Explore from as little as 5p per turn. In simpler news, Tombola Arcade has a couple of time-limited competitions going on this week, including fifteen £100 Primark vouchers and a contest for an Apple HomePod Mini. Players are welcome to enter both competitions by taking part in a mini-quiz but will have to engage with Tombola on its social media channels if they want to do so.

: Have you ever wondered which of the games at Tombola Arcade or Tombola Bingo would be the best for you to play based on your star sign? We suspect you haven’t, but perhaps you’ve started thinking about it now after we asked the question! If so, Tombola Arcade is happy to assist. This morning, the Tombola Facebook account published a complete “star sign match” visual guide in the hope of satisfying the “cosmic curiosity” of its players. All the Capricorns out there might be interested to know that the Word Search game is the best aligned with them, whereas Scorpios are best paired with Pirate’s Curse. How is this worked out? Who knows.

Tombola Arcade Star Sign Games

The post containing the star sign information (if it can even be called “information”) also noted that the Tombola brand will turn fifteen tomorrow. That feels like a big deal and the kind of thing that ought to get more than a passing mention in a social media post about something else. There will, however, be a special announcement later on today confirming Tombola’s “party agenda.” The Tombola Arcade brand isn’t quite as old as the Tombola Bingo brand, but we’d assume that Tombola Arcade will be included in the party. It sounds like this weekend might be a good time to log in for special promotional events – unless, that is, your star sign suggests that you ought to be playing elsewhere or doing something else.

: Normally, when an online casino adds a new and exclusive game, it shouts about it from the rooftops. Tombola Arcade is, as we’ve discussed many times in the past, not exactly a normal online casino. We know that it’s added a new slots game (or, as Tombola Arcade calls it, a “spin game”) in the past couple of weeks, but we only know about it because of posts on the Tombola Facebook account. There’s no mention of it on the Tombola Arcade website, and the casino hasn’t undertaken any efforts to get the word out via press releases or anything similar. It’s almost as if Tombola Arcade doesn’t want to attract any new players.

We’d love to tell you everything you need to know about the new game, but we don’t know a great deal about it other than the fact that it’s called “Neon” and that Tombola Arcade user tedds3 won £1000 playing on it on August 16th. Based on the usual format for slots games at Tombola Arcade, though, it’s likely that Neon is little more than a new choice of theme rather than a materially different proposition from the slots that it already offers. The addition of Neon raises the total of spin games available at Tombola Arcade to twenty, all of which can be played for as little as 5p per spin. If you’re looking for alternative forms of entertainment or ways of winning bonus cash from Tombola Arcade, there’s currently an I-Spy competition happening on its Facebook account. Yes, we’re serious.

: For such a big-name iGaming brand, Tombola Arcade is quite the enigma. Its homepage never changes, and you’ll rarely see mention of it in the press. The Tombola brand appears to participate in almost no advertising, and yet it remains Britain’s biggest bingo site. Maybe that’s down to its friendly-but-quirky approach to social media, where the brand’s social media managers are never off Facebook. On August 9th, Tombola took advantage of National Book Lovers’ Day (no, we didn’t know it was happening either) to introduce us to a few of the website’s Community Managers and tell us what their favourite books are. It’s hardly life-changing information, but it means that the CMs – and, by extension, the Tombola Arcade brand – develops a personal touch.

Tombola Arcade Cute Cat Competition

The day before National Book Lovers’ Day was National Cat Day (no, we didn’t know that either, and we can’t be sure that Tombola isn’t making these things up), which was seen as an opportunity for the CMs to take pictures of their pet cats and post them on the Tombola Facebook account so players could judge whose is the cutest. For the record, it was CM “fruitloops” and their extremely fluffy ginger cat. Does any of this information make it easier to win money at Tombola or Tombola Arcade, or even enhance the gaming experience in any way? No, but it’s clear from the responses to the posts that players enjoy getting to know their CMs in this way.

: Here’s a fact that might have escaped your attention; Wednesday 2nd August was the National “Day to Play,” which apparently has something to do with boardgames. It entirely escaped our attention, but it didn’t escape the attention of Tombola or Tombola Arcade, who mentioned it on their official Facebook page. They even ran a “battle of the board games” in an attempt to determine the nation’s favourite board game. The battle came down to Monopoly versus Scrabble, with Monopoly picking up the win after a closely-fought contest. We don’t think there are any real surprises there.

Tombola Arcade has been a little quieter on social media since staging the contest, but the fact that it’s Friday means that the weekly quiz is up and running. We appreciate that we’re not giving you much time to get involved, but entry to the quiz was still open at the time that these words were written and posted. To stand a chance at getting a whole £2 in bonus money to spend at Tombola Arcade, players must identify a Tombola Arcade game based on three clues. Clue one is, “I am named after a medieval clown.” Clue two is, “You need to get a full five-card flush to trigger the bonus round,” and clue three is “You reveal twelve cards to play.” If you’re a committed Tombola Arcade player and you know the answer, don’t tell us about it – head straight to Tombola Arcade and claim your bonus cash before the end of the day!

: Tombola Arcade is, as we’ve noted before, the quieter of the two Tombola brands. You might not find anything about Tombola Arcade in the news every week, but the larger Tombola Bingo brand usually finds a way to sneak its name into the press. This week, Tombola Bingo has managed to get into several newspapers by capitalising on the current trend for mobile phone-based puzzle games. That’s right – Tombola has created a new word search game called, originally enough, “Wordsearch.” It’s not exactly Wordle, but it’s a new way for the Sunderland-based company to get the Tombola name in front of a potentially new audience.

Tombola Arcade Wordsearch

Like everything else that Tombola does, Wordsearch comes with multiple themes like football, summer, holidays and more. The game has been developed in-house by the Tombola design team, which appears to have been busy recently after adding the new Diner theme to Tombola Arcade a couple of weeks ago. We couldn’t get our hands on the new Wordsearch game before writing this news update, so we’re not sure whether there’s a version of it that can be played for money, but the fact that Tombola’s product manager Jayne Iqbal suggests that people should enjoy the game responsibility suggests that there is. Jayne also notes that Tombola now has more than one hundred interactive game rooms available between the main Tombola Bingo website and Tombola Arcade, which implies that Tombola still makes new games – it’s just that the company doesn’t do a very good job of promoting them.

: Tombola and the Tombola sister sites – which would include Tombola Arcade – gave up posting new competitions and news on Twitter around a year ago after a change in company policy. That doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with Tombola Arcade news anymore, though. All you need to do is hop off Twitter and into Facebook, and you’ll find that the Tombola brand is very chatty indeed. In fact, some might argue that it’s too chatty. Quite a lot of the news and information that’s posted on the official Tombola Facebook account doesn’t appear to be overly relevant to players.

Here’s a perfect example of what we mean. On July 18th, Tombola had a “Summer Funday” at its head office in Sunderland. Everyone who works for Tombola and Tombola Arcade had a great day taking part in “fun activities.” It’s great that Tombola’s staff are well looked after, but other than a chance to put a face to the name of several of its CMs, we can’t see how the information is useful to players. Instead, more effort could have been made to inform players that the popular Cinco Links and “The Big Link” games are coming back to Tombola over the course of the next week, including a special version of “The Big Link” that’s free to play on Friday. Another reason to stay tuned to the company’s social media is the weekly quiz, for which players pick up £10 in bonus cash for every correct answer they give. That tends to happen on Mondays.

: Tombola Arcade might be a very famous iGaming brand, but it’s also a very quiet one. There are never any new games to report on at Tombola Arcade because of the way that games at this unique casino work – rather than playing a specific game, players essentially build games themselves by picking themes and features. That’s precisely what fans of Tombola Arcade love about the casino, although it’s also the reason why some people struggle to find anything to like about the site. Tombola has always been a marmite iGaming brand. However, this week we do have something new to report – there’s a new theme available at Tombola Arcade, and it’s a bit of a weird one. The theme is called “Diner,” and it’s not as straightforward as the name might make it sound.

Tombola Arcade Diner

The chances are that when you see or hear the word “diner,” you think of a traditional American diner somewhere by the side of a freeway. Appropriately enough, that’s one of the backdrops that Tombola Arcade allows players to choose as part of the new theme. However, the other allegedly diner-related backdrops are “Beach,” “British Pub,” or “Medieval.” British pub works as a stretch of the original concept, but we’re really struggling to see what the beach or the medieval era have to do with the concept of a diner. They’re original choices, nevertheless, and their addition at least means that Tombola Arcade players have something new to look at when they’re playing their games.

: The people over at Tombola love a good giveaway, as it seems every week, they have some sort of giveaway going on. These giveaways mostly take place over on their social media platforms, and this week they seem to be in the summer mood, as they are giving away 20 tombola-branded beach balls. Fans of Tombola who would like to get involved with this giveaway for these one-of-a-kind beach balls need to head over to Tombola’s social media pages and comment on their post, which features four chat moderators enjoying their holidays, saying which one is their favourite picture (we are sure the others won’t be upset if you don’t say them, don’t worry). Twenty winners will be picked, and the competition ends on the 27th of June 2023 at 9am.

Tombola Arcade by far has one of the most active Trustpilot review sites we have seen, with 149 reviews being posted this week alone! The good news is most of these reviews are positive, leading them to have an average review score of 4.1 stars. This week they received 101 4/5-star reviews, which is seriously impressive, with 31 reviews being 1/2-stars. Because there were such a large number of reviews this week, it would be impossible to highlight everything players had to say. However, although most people loved the site, some were not happy with their winnings over there, some claiming the site was rigged. Tombola did do a good job at replying to these comments that gambling is a game of chance, and there is no guarantee that you will win.

: Players who love a giveaway need to be aware of the Tombola Arcade Facebook page as last week we reported on a giveaway that they were doing on their Facebook page and this week they are doing another one. This week they are giving away a £25 Adidas voucher to 6 winners, and all players need to do to enter is comment on the post they made on their Facebook page, which they think will lift the FA Cup between Manchester City and Manchester United, as well as their username. The FA Cup final is sure to be a great match, so fans of football will be happy with this giveaway. However, those who aren’t into football may as well give it a go, as you have nothing to lose, and you only have two options to pick from.

Tombola Arcade sister sites FA Cup FInal promotion

Tombola Arcade has an impressive 4.1-star average review score over at Trustpilot; however, last week, when we reported on the reviews over there, they were all 1-star. This week is not much better, with six reviews being posted but none of them being over 3-stars. A lot of these reviews are players complaining about their lack of winnings, but as Tombola Arcade note in their reply, gambling is a game of chance, and there is no guarantee you will win. One reviewer did complain about the moderation team over on the site, stating that they were rude and bullies. Hopefully, Tombola Arcade can deal with this issue to make a more fun gaming experience over there.

: The fun of Tombola Arcade surpasses their website as they also run competitions on their social media platforms, such as a giveaway they did on their social media platforms this week. This giveaway saw followers trying to guess which pet belonged to which member of the chat moderation team for a chance to win a £25 Amazon voucher (with vouchers given to 4 random players who could guess correctly). This giveaway has ended now, but players should keep an eye on Tombola Arcade’s social media for more giveaways in the future.

This week we decided to look over at the Trustpilot review site for Tombola Arcade, and unfortunately, it has not been a good week for reviews over there. There was a total of 4 reviews posted to the Trustpilot review site this week, and 3 of these were 1-star. These reviews stated the same issue, and that was with players not being happy with the amount they are winning. However, we think it is important to mention what Tombola Arcade has replied to these reviews, stating that although the lack of winnings is unfortunate for these players, there is no guarantee to win when gambling. Tombola Arcade is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, so they are obliged to make sure their site is fair. On the positive side, there was one 5-star review posted to the site this week which stated that they had won the jackpot playing at Tombola Arcade and they received their winnings in their bank very fast.

: As it has been a slow news week for the Tombola Arcade sister sites, we headed over to Trustpilot to see what the users were reporting, and it is safe to say Tombola Arcade’s rep got a brutal beating. The first angry 1-star review came from Rosie Castles, who seemed to think it was audacious that the site asked her if she had any medical conditions, then went on to enquire about her income while carrying out the affordability checks. When asked how her gaming sessions were funded, she responded that her children and grandchildren give her money for Christmas and birthdays. This resulted in her account being blocked, which she wasn’t very happy about, to say the least. Tombola swiftly responded to the complaint, stating that if an account is flagged for an affordability check, then they must carry it out as player safety is imperative.

Gemma Long also had a few negative words to spill about Tombola this week. This time, her issue stemmed from the fact that she deposited and wagered £40 and didn’t see a penny in return. She also apparently noticed that it was always the same people winning. The Tombola CS team reassured her that all of the games on the platform are independently tested, and the wins are randomly distributed via a random number generator, meaning it is impossible for the online arcade site to ensure all of their members are getting an equal share. Furthermore, the UKGC licence is a testament to how everything is above board.

: For online bingo fans who don’t want to fulfil wagering requirements when they take advantage of a welcome offer, WDW Bingo curated the ultimate list of sites that allow players to keep what they win from their bonus funds that arrive in their player accounts after the first deposit. There were plenty of iGaming sites that are frequently spotted on these kinds of lists, including Space Casino,, and Heart Bingo, but there was also a brand-new addition to the list, Tombola Arcade.

Tombola Arcade Welcome Offer

Currently, when new players arrive at Tombola Arcade, they can deposit £50 and play with £100, as there is a 100% deposit bonus match, which can pay up to a maximum of £50. WDW Bingo described the standalone site as one that is unlike any other. It is very much the outlier in the current climate, which doesn’t put the focus on fairness for the customer. The site was described as more necessary than ever – which is very high praise indeed. One of the biggest signs of the instant win gaming platform’s fairness first approach is the low wagering limits, which significantly restrict how much can be spent in any given hour – and that is just the tip of the social responsibility iceberg. WDW Bingo awarded Tombola with a 4 / 5 review, giving a fair amount of praise to the unique games, which cannot be found on any other iGaming site. WDW Bingo was also seemingly very impressed with the number of EGR Awards that Tombola has picked up over the years.

: Following the Tombola Arcade Facebook and Instagram pages is a great way to ensure that you are always up to date with the new promotions which crop up for a limited time only. On April 7, just before their loyal players tucked into their Easter Eggs and Sunday Roasts, the number one online arcade site in the UK announced an epic Easter giveaway. Over the bank holiday, members had the opportunity to win one of two £100 Argos vouchers by taking part in an Easter egg hunt on Facebook. All players had to do to win was find the hidden Easter Egg on the image of a 75-ball bingo card, mention where it is, and share their username in the comments – no need to get your hands dirty by rummaging through the garden!

The competition ended on April 8; following the competition wrapping up, two players would be chosen as winners at random from the valid entries, and notified within seven days of the competition ending. In total, there were 2.2k comments on the Facebook post, so it is safe to say that the competition was stiff, although it would appear that a number of those comments comprised of Tombola Arcade warning players that a scam page was attempting to steal the account information from participants. Tombola advised its members to always look out for the blue tick when communicating via Facebook and reassured them that they would never ask for passwords or other login details via the social media platform.

: Which Bingo always announces the hot new games that arrive on the Tombola Arcade sister sites. On March 31, the writer Anita Heffernan published the details of the brand-new spacey bingo game, Starship. Starship has well and truly jumped on the 80s revival trend triggered by the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, and some may say that this new bingo room is even more alien! Instead of just digitally daubing the numbers on your bingo card, this innovative bingo game requires you to shoot at the bingo numbers as they are called, in a very similar fashion to the 80s arcade game Space Invaders. The game plays with 36 balls, so it is perfect for players who prefer faster-paced play and can get a little bored in the 90-ball bingo rooms. You must play with a single bingo card and you have a fair amount of freedom in how much you want to stake.

Tombola Arcade Starship Bingo

The minimum wager is 10p, while the maximum is £2; if you feel like playing between those stakes, you can opt to wager 25p, 50p or £1 on the outcome. The prizes for playing will depend on your stake and how many players you are competing against. There are two prizes available for each game, a line prize and the fixed jackpot. If you get a full house in 25 balls or less and you are spinning with the max stake of £2, you will win £1k; on the other end of the stake spectrum, you will win £50 with a 10p stake.

: This week, My Bingo Bonus had a chat with Open AI about the new bet limits that will be imposed on the Tombola Arcade sister sites. The future is well and truly here. During the chat with a chatbot, the third-party bingo site enquired about the recent change to betting limits that have been increased. Previously, members of the sister sites were limited to £1 bets. Now, members can make £2 wagers on their favourite games. My Bingo Bonus wanted to know if this new change would have any noticeable impact on gamblers. The Open AI bot thought that the increase was a good idea, as it will broaden the appeal of the arcade-style games available on the platform. Furthermore, it will increase the win potential of the games. However, the bot was keen to disclose that the overriding factor with the tombola games is luck. So, naturally, no wins, big or small, are guaranteed.

The bot also iterated the gambling operator’s firm grip on responsible gambling practices, stating that betting should always be done responsibly, and with that said, the new betting limit doesn’t need to encourage irresponsible gambling. As a curveball question, the bot was asked if it would risk money at Tombola Arcade. Once again, it was careful in its advocacy of responsible gambling above all else, stating that it would bet, but before any wagering takes place, a budget would be set. Furthermore, it would ensure that the rules of the game and the gambling odds were completely understood.

: At this point, Gen Z will document just about anything by pulling weird faces and obnoxiously lip-syncing to cheesy pop tracks on TikTok and only give context with the text appearing on the video or that awful text-to-speech technology. As proven by a recently published TikTok video which comes with the script, “when you sign up to Tombola and win £550 from £5” while a song with the lyrics “I wasn’t expecting that” plays. For some strange reason, the TikToker also decided to devour a chocolate bar while filming the video, just to add to the content confusion. Usually, it is easy to feel happy for people when they get a big win via one of the Tombola Arcade sister sites, but in this baffling instance, it is all but impossible!

Tombola Arcade TikTok Promotion

In comparison to most online gambling sites, Tombola Arcade has an exceptionally high rating on Trustpilot. This week, it received another glowing 5-star review from someone who has only just joined the platform to discover how many games are available to play, and how easy they are to get to grips with. The fast withdrawals were also a reason for the positive review, as was the fact that there is always a moderator on standby, should something go wrong. Although, on the very same day that review was posted, someone complained that they aren’t winning as much as they used to. While most would just put this down to bad luck and not use it as a reason to leave a 2-star review, Alison Buckley decided to complain about not winning anything after depositing £70.

: Much to the dismay of many of the Tombola Arcade members, the website Which Bingo has revealed that the seasonal game, Jigsaw, has been pulled from the platform. Jigsaw was introduced before Halloween 2022; the frosty and festive game was never going to stick around forever, but members of the online arcade site got accustomed to its immersively charming presence. The snowy game was pulled on the 24th of February, just before it left the metaphorical building, Tombola was nice enough to give its members a heads-up, letting them know that it was time to wave goodbye to the game that many had glued themselves to. Much like everyone else when Spring rolls around, Tombola did a spot of out with the old, in with the new spring cleaning, making room for some brand-new games, which will inevitably make their debut soon.

If you didn’t get to try Jigsaw on the Tombola Arcade sister sites and you are wondering what you missed, it was a multi-stake game that tasked players to piece all 15 pieces of the puzzle together before any of the other players did. The game also came with a Jigsaw chat room, where players could celebrate their wins and grieve their losses after staking 10p – £2 on the action. The game was also equipped with a jackpot, which awarded victorious players with up to £1k in cash if they solved the puzzle before anyone else. Due to its popularity, Tombola will likely introduce a similar game with a different theme shortly.

: On the 21st of Feb, Best New Bingo Sites updated their review of Tombola Arcade to give a more accurate and up-to-date portrayal of one of the most unique iGaming hubs online. The biggest change to the review was noted in the refreshed account of the content available on the site before it was mentioned that many of the games available on the Tombola Arcade sister sites, including Tombola Bingo, have some of the best return to player rates on the market. One of the most highlighted games was the Free Vibes game, which stays true to its name and allows all players to test their luck on it for free every day – only after they have signed up for SMS updates, and while it isn’t ideal for an online casino to be blowing up your phone every time they feel like it, this platform is by far one of the spammiest ones out there.

Tombila Arcade Free Vibes

WDW Bingo also updated its review of Tombola Arcade this week. After documenting the history of the site, which began all the way back in 2006, WDW Bingo reeled off all the awards that the Tombola sister sites have picked up over the years. The most recent awards were handed to Tombola in 2022, as a courtesy of EGR Awards. Tombola won not one, not two, but three awards in 2022. One for being the bingo operator of the year, one for its stance on safe gambling, and another based on the merit of the customer service teams.

Can Tombola Arcade Be Trusted?

trust score


Tombola Arcade is a 4 Star trusted casino.

1. UKGC License Tombola Arcade is covered by UK Gambling Commission licence 38613, held by Tombola International Plc.
2. UKGC Fines Tombola International Plc has no recent fines from the UKGC on record.
3. Customer Service Customer support agents at Tombola Arcade can be contacted by telephone, email, or live chat.
4. Trustpilot Score Tombola Arcade’s rating with Trustpilot is an impressive 4.0 out of 5 after over 5400 reviews.
5. Company Location Tombola International Plc is a Gibraltar-based company.
6. Visible T&C’s Terms and conditions are listed with Tombola Arcade’s promotions where offered.
7. Social Media Presence You can connect with Tombola Arcade on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
8. Number of Sister Sites There are only two Tombola Arcade sister sites.
9. Games portfolio Tombola Arcade offers fewer than 20 games.
10. Gamstop links The Gamstop logo is tiny but visible at the bottom of the Tombola Arcade homepage.
Overall SCORE > ★★★★★ – 4/5 Stars

Tombola Arcade Review 2024

Tombola Arcade ( is owned and operated by Tombola (International) Plc, alongside its well-known sister brand – As the name suggests, Tombola Arcade has arcade games including a self-branded emoji game along with a range of unique features and scratch games.

Tombola Arcade is one of the newer members of the Tombola Family, following in the footsteps of Tombola Bingo, which came bouncing into the online bingo world in 2006. Tombola Arcade provides arcade games with company branding, including unique versions of classic Arcade Faves, exclusive original games and loads of fun themes to choose from. Tombola Arcade’s game types include Go, Bubble, Glow, Spin, Pick, and Scratch.

Tombola Arcade is a popular casino that provides players with a stream of in-house created arcade games, scratch cards, and a few exceptionally rare and unique instant play games, provided to players on a well-built and aesthetically pleasing website design.

Tombola Arcade sister sites homepage

Tombola Arcade Welcome Offers

After signup and registration, new players get a 200% matched deposit bonus on their first deposited amount, tripling the initial amount that they invest with Tombola Arcade. This means that if you, as a new player, deposit £25 as your first deposit, you will receive a bonus of £50, making your overall balance £75.

In 2023, the upper limit on this bonus was improved, so it’s now possible to deposit £50 and play with £100. The catch is that the bonus money can’t be withdrawn – but any winnings generated by the bonus are paid as cash. That means if you strike it lucky, you won’t have to deal with any wagering requirements. The money is yours, and you’re free to withdraw it immediately.

Monthly Promotions

Tombola Arcade isn’t one of those online casino websites that are stuffed full of promotions for players. However, the few promotions that are currently being offered on Tombola are quite popular with players. The most promoted offer invites players to spend at least £1 between 8 pm and 10 pm every day to enter a prize draw for £500. A “refer a friend” promotion is also being touted, which gives the player a bonus when their referred friend makes their first deposit.

Tombola Arcade Pros and Cons

One of the best things about Tombola Arcade is its limited stakes, which allows players to take in all the excitement of the games without having to break their bank balance. A summarised overview of the pros and cons of Tombola Arcade include:
•Dedicated apps for Android and IOS
•In-house creations resulting in a unique collection of games
•Extremely limited selection of games
•Low-level payouts

Featured Slots and Casino Games

As mentioned before, Tombola Arcade currently does not provide video slots or table games on its website in the traditional sense of either term. While that may be a devastating blow to all those slots fanatics out there, their game collection comprises a series of in-house created “instant play” games. A few of these instant-play games are reviewed as follows:

Drop – Drop is a Tombola Arcade exclusive arcade game where players need to clear all the shapes in a column to win the game, and is one of the many different takes of Tombola Arcade on traditional arcade games. The stakes for drops on this game are 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p & £1, so it’s a pocket-friendly arcade game as well.

Flip – Flip is another arcade game where you get to choose the theme and game design, and after you’ve done so, you can pick a stake and start flipping symbols and reveal what’s behind them. Wins need to be either horizontally or vertically lined to count as a win.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The deposit methods, as well as the withdrawal methods, are the same on Tombola Arcade, allowing players to move their funds across various methods like PayPal, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, and more.

However, a hard-to-spot rule on Tombola Arcade states that your withdrawal method needs to be the same as the one you used for depositing, or you won’t be able to withdraw your funds.

Customer Support and Licenses

All the Tombola Arcade sister sites feature three different ways in which players can contact their support team, which include e-mail support, telephone/on-call support, and live chat support. The fastest way to connect with a team member is with live chat and telephone support. However, emails are also responded to quickly in a matter of hours.

Tombola Arcade is licensed under the UK Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner and is independently audited to pass the strict requirements set by these authorities. Because of this, players can play here with confidence that they’re being treated fairly.

Tombola Arcade App

Mobile App

Players can download and play the Tombola Arcade app on the App Store or get it on Google Play for free. The app exclusively features a board game-inspired attraction to win up to £500. Players can also can pop bubble wrap at Tombola Arcade to win up to £500, and the “Glow” game will lead the player to the top prizes in an enchanted forest. Playing the “Spin” game can win a player up to £500.

The “Pick” game at Tombola Arcade asks players to pick the hidden symbols out on ‘Ancient Aztec’ or ‘Spellbound’ and ‘Master Destiny’ to win up to £200. “Scratch” game is scratching and matching symbols to win up to £500. “Flip” games allow players to choose from Medieval, American Diner or old English pub themes, reveal tiles and match lines to win up to £500. Tombola Arcade’s brand new daily game is exploring mystical worlds to win prizes of up to £1,000.

Tombola Arcade – The Verdict

Being the sister site to one of the best bingo sites on the web, Tombola Arcade is often deemed as one of the most innovative and unique themed arcade-game websites available in the UK. While it doesn’t provide much for those slot lovers in the community aside from its curious -build-it-yourself “spin” games, it’s wildly popular with players who appreciate its uniquely themed arcade game titles.

What are players saying about Tombola Arcade?

Here are our condensed / reader’s digest summaries of recent player reviews of Tombola Arcade.

  • 23-Aug-2023 by Jamie:
    I was accused of having a gambling problem and my account was locked with funds still in it. They won’t respond to my requests to return the credit. I advise against joining Tombola. – source: TrustPilot
  • 20-Aug-2023 by Krystiane:
    I’m still waiting for a payout a week later. My bank says it should have taken a maximum of 4 hours. I’m very angry. – source: TrustPilot
  • 18-Aug-2023 by Hayley:
    I’ve had some small wins, but the free games never pay out, not even 25p! I’m losing interest in Tombola. – source: TrustPilot
  • 16-Aug-2023 by Robert:
    Tombola’s slots are low volatility and very boring. They need to make higher volatility slots to keep me playing. – source: TrustPilot
  • 16-Aug-2023 by Louis:
    I absolutely love Tombola. It’s a great experience playing here. – source: TrustPilot
  • 15-Aug-2023 by John:
    Tombola has changed for the worse. Long streaks of losing spins and fewer prizes. I miss the good old days before Flutter Entertainment took over. – source: TrustPilot
  • 15-Aug-2023 by Jason:
    I’m not winning enough. It’s disappointing. – source: TrustPilot
  • 14-Aug-2023 by Anthony:
    Tombola is penalising older players, and it’s unfair. They’ve taken away playmate money, which is no way to treat me when I’ve been playing here for sixteen years. – source: TrustPilot
  • 12-Aug-2023 by Charlie:
    I’ve closed my account after wagering over £600 with minimal bonuses. It’s shocking, and I’m giving them a 1-star rating. – source: TrustPilot
  • 27-Jul-2023 by Chanel:
    I need more wins. Winning anything more than £30 is too rare to make it worthwhile. – source: TrustPilot

Tombola Arcade On Television

Tombola As a Brand

Tombola Arcade is part of the tombola Ltd company (which is repeatedly styled with a lower-case T). Tombola Ltd was founded in 1999 and is now one of the biggest and most popular online bingo sites in the UK. Tombola has won a large collection of awards in recent history, but most of the awards were won after a full brand relaunch in 2008. In 2011, the site won ‘Most Popular Online Bingo Site’ at the Bingo Port Players Choice Awards, and in 2013 was awarded ‘Bingo Operator of the Year’ at the EGR Awards. Tombola Arcade itself was launched in 2016 after the success of the original Tombola online casino and continues to flourish and grow in the world of online gambling.

Tombola Arcade Sponsorships and News

One of Tombola Arcade’s biggest partnerships is with the popular UK TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’, of which they have been a sponsor since 2017. The brand has a series of short video advertisements that air between the episodes, which will attract a lot of attention given how popular the ITV show is. This is Tombola Arcade’s only significant sponsorship deal in the present, but many other sponsors have been associated with the Tombola brand in the past. In 2009, the company sponsored ‘Emmerdale’ in a deal that lasted until 2012. In 2014, they became a sponsor for the ITV show ‘Loose Women.’ Additionally, Tombola sponsored Sunderland during the 2010/11 and 2011/12 English Premier League seasons. They followed this up in 2012 by becoming the main sponsors of Sunderland AFC Keroche, which is an African football club closely connected to the English team. Tombola helped support the African team by providing funding and sending new football kits.

Tombola Arcade Sunderland

Tombola has seen a huge surge in success in recent years. In 2019 it was revealed that the Tombola online gaming platform was generating dividends in excess of £10m for shareholders. As the company continues to thrive in not just the UK but Europe, too, there is every reason to believe that this success will be repeated in years to come. Also, very recently, the Dutch gaming authority Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) which is “responsible for the supervision and enforcement of the Betting and Gaming Act 1964” has issued ten licenses to gambling operators. These licenses will allow the operators to trade in the Netherlands for the first time. Alongside bet365, a well-known company within the UK, Tombola has also been granted one of these highly desirable licenses.

Tombola Advertising

As mentioned, above Tombola Arcade has been one of the most prominent sponsors for ‘I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!’ for many years, and with this sponsorship, they have produced a significant number of video advertisements. This massive selection of videos can be found on the Tombola YouTube channel, which boasts over 22 million views across all videos. One of the running themes in the ‘I’m a Celebrity…’ adverts is the “Tombola bugs,” which work almost as a mascot for the casino. There is even a section on Tombola’s site where you can “meet” the bugs. Each insect in the advert has its own unique personality, and it has proven popular among viewers as people have started to take a liking to the bugs as they would a fictional character in a movie.

Tombola Arcade Bugs

The bugs all have a profile on the Tombola site and feature in different adverts together, having conversations while playing the mobile version of the casino. In November 2020, Tombola released a new promotional video titled ‘The Bugs Are Back!’ Before each new season of the show, the bugs discuss the new contestants before being are gathered up and placed into a shipping container to be sent to Wales, where the show has been filmed since 2020. The bugs are used as a light-hearted and cutesy segue into advertising the show while also keeping it relevant to the gambling site, and managing to build an audience relationship with the mascots.

The most popular video on the YouTube channel is named ‘Trio – New Daily Free Game’ which was published in March 2020 and has attracted around 7 million views as of 2022. This advert was probably linked somewhere outside of YouTube, as it has such a large number of views but only 8 likes, so its popularity likely did not come from the YouTube page itself. The advert is simple and features the token music jingle in the background while it showcases a free game that is available to play on the site. The next most viewed video is titled ‘Stars – Over £1 Million Already Won For Free’ which advertises another free game available on Tombola and has over 4 million views. These simplistic short videos are basic, but thanks to the slick graphics and imagery, they are the perfect advert for the site. With Tombola Arcade being one of the most popular online gambling sites in the UK, these adverts are a perfect fit.

Tombola Arcade On Social Media

Tombola Arcade does not have an individual social media account, but its parent company Tombola seems to be massively popular online. On Facebook, the Tombola page boasts almost 200k likes, and their Twitter and Instagram accounts have a combined 33k followers. The Facebook page is very active with high levels of interaction, where the company posts competitions, and promotions and hosts live streams. The Instagram account tends to post the same content plus fun community-based posts, whereas the Twitter account has become a customer service only platform since the end of 2020 due to Twitter’s age regulating functions. The varied use of social media platforms is a great strategy for player interaction, and the Twitter account being used solely as a ‘help button’ is useful for regular players and fans of the site. The huge levels of interaction seen on the Facebook page prove just how popular Tombola and its smaller sites are, and solidify Tombola’s success in the online gambling world.

tombola arcade mobile screenshot 2021