Online Casinos and Women: A Match Made In Heaven

Posted on 4th August 2019.
While casinos, and most forms of gambling based entertainment, have for decades or more been more generally targeted as male clientele it’s fair to say that the rise in online casinos and gaming on the internet as a whole, is starting to lead to a well overdue change in the market.


As an overall demographic market, women represent a very strong sector and as such it would be foolish for any industry to ignore more than 50% of any market.

A Rapidly Growing Market

The surge in female players now means, according to a recent study, that 41% of online gamblers are women and that number is growing. There are a number of factors in play that have concluded many analysing such matters to deem women as better suited to the online gambling world.

Researching the Competition

The sheer breadth of online casinos out there means it’s very much a game of chance when it comes to finding a good one. Some are more reliable when it comes to payouts, online casino free bet offers and others have a strong reputation and there are those who appear to be an accident waiting to happen.

Female online casino users will take longer to sign-up, they won’t just jump in off the cuff, they’ll do the research to help them get a lay of the land before committing.

Valuing Loyalty

Other reports claim that women are more likely to gravitate, and remain, at sites they feel most comfortable with and will stay loyal to a brand or game for far longer than a male counterpart and as such their value to the industry is huge.


Doing the Math

Part of the process to becoming a successful online casino gamer is being able to make sensible decisions based on what you’ve been offered, and not making knee-jerk reactions or acting too impulsively, not when there is money on the line.

These are facets that studies have shown are vastly more prevalent in female users of online casinos. It’s key to make good use of offers, promotions, welcome bonuses and free spins as these can help act as the base of your overall gameplay.

Paying close attention to the withdrawal guidelines of a provider and seeking out the sites and operators with the best customer services, these are also key to winning.

The Winning Team

Among those who fit the bill when it comes to online casinos that are more appealing, and effective, for women players there are a few worthy of a mention.

Royal Vegas has the reputation to match it’s strong name and the sheer variety of casino games has proven very enticing for female gamblers. Diamond Reels is also very popular, with it’s ‘on the go’ mobile version particularly successful.

The overall conclusion being reached by the biggest and best online casinos is that they simply can not afford to ignore this relatively untapped market. It’s a very overdue good sign that the internet, much like the world as a whole, needs to get into the 21st century when it comes to being more progressive and inclusive on all matters.